Introducing: Antigone

Decibel-crushing quintet Antigone take cues from modern metal-core, alternative rock, crunchy thrash, and grunge-infused metal to create a truly unique blend of heavy sound. Hailing from Raleigh, North Carolina, Antigone’s sound is defined by haunting vocals from Kris Foell, crunchy guitar layers provided by Dave Noffsinger and Carsten Fuchs, beefy bass riffs laid down by Tommy Quillen, and full-throttle beats provided by Lars Lanzetta.

Antigone has released their new album,So Much For Gravity. The album is a 4 song ep written by Antigone and produced and engineered by Edward Hinson and Garrett Barefoot (Blackplate Productions).  The first single, the hard rocking track “Sink or Swim”, is a thru and thru metal rocker with thrashing verses, alt-rock choruses and a brutal deathcore breakdown.  Lyrically, “Sink or Swim” is about beating the odds at any cost. “This song tells the story of triumphing over adversity,” explain the band, “even if it means enduring great pain or death.”

One of the more enigmatic songs on So Much for Gravity, “Sink Or Swim” was an obvious choice for a video production with the acclaimed horror producers at JFP studios. “Special thanks to our buddy Mike Grove for the stunt driving and car scenes.” You can watch the video below:

Connect With Antigone:


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