Introducing: STFLR

With catchy hooks and relatable lyrics, STFLR has proven that pop punk can be more than songs about leaving your hometown or leaving your girlfriend. With a brand new sound aided by years of experience, STFLR is a breath of fresh air the scene needs. Nick and Ryan also play in pop punk band Quiet Like A Thief together, allowing this project to take on a more aggressive and fast paced approach to songwriting.. as well as having the long term chemistry of the other guys playing in bands together over the years.

The band just released their new track, “Lessons Learned”. The track is a straight forward blast of pop punk reminisent of bands like Set Your Goals and The Wonder Years. Lyrically, “Lessons Learned” is about being taken advantage of by those close to you, whether it be a partner, family member or even a co-worker. “In those situations it’s hard to see the big picture, especially when you see everything with rose colored glasses,” explains the band. “But if we don’t respect ourselves, no one else will.

“Lessons Learned” was engineered by Anthony Lopardo and mixed/mastered by Ray Marte (of purenoise’s Moon Tooth) at Westfall Recording Company in Farmingdale, New York.  “We had a blast recording it with Anthony Lopardo and Ray Marte,” says the band. “We feel they vibed the energy we were going for and pushed us to translate that into the recordings.

“Lessons Learned” is the first single from the upcoming album, A Collection of Bad Ideas, due out later this year. Thematically, the album deals with subjects ranging from regret, being taken advantage of, inadequacies and everything in between. “The pandemic and quarantine was hard for a lot of people, ourselves included,” explains the band. “Add becoming a new father in these uncertain times to the mix and you have yourself a whole new set of challenges and uncertainties. It’s safe to say our mental health suffered the last year and a half, but the art that has come from it is some of the most honest and pure stuff we have yet to put out.

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