Gavin Conway casts out powerful words on the nostalgic Manchester Rock track ‘Throw A Stone’.

Opening the book on a brand new chapter of music performance, the international DJ and long-distance runner Gavin Conway now turns his attention to his tenor vocal range. Teaming up with Donal Bowens on drums and Dan Cullen on the computer, this talented and young headliner has honed a fantastic nostalgia for the millennial days. Recorded at Studio 44 by Chris Browne, Conway’s skills learned at Balleyfermot Rock School and through deep conversations with his peers manifest on this one record.

The music begins with a catchy tune that bubbles up into vocals. Powerful words are cast out over the chords as a drum-beat drives the pace. A burst of vibe rears up like a stallion as the chorus bursts into the scene. A bashing guitar distortion muckies the water as effervescent tones simmer with a vibrato effect. A heavy Irish accent defines the vocal with a folk-pop delivery as catchy melodies and memorable lines tell the tale.

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