Erik Odsell – Human

Erik Odsell is celebrating the resilience and fragility of our temporal existence on his latest hit track, Human.

The award-winning Swedish artist pours his soul into this lyrical and musical masterpiece as he reflects on what it means to be human; whether it be loss, love and the inevitability of fading away. 

The single features an infectious melody accompanied by a bouncy electronic backbeat that reflects the energy and passion of the song. The track weaves through tame verses into booming choruses, with Odsell in the driver’s seat with his iconic and powerful voice.

It’s uplifting and motivating and features all the trademarks Odsell has become known for – strong melodies, captivating hooks and relatable lyrical content.

The title track features on Odsell’s latest album, Human, which has been well received by critics and fans alike. The album features eight robust and rhythmic tracks, with reviews claiming it to be Odsell’s best work to date.

Stream the album here:

Watch the ‘Making Of’ video: 

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