London-Based Label, HYBRID BLAK Unleashes The Dark & Grimy ‘Blaktracks Volume 2’


November 11, 2021 – Welcome back once more to the dark and twisted world of the London-based label, HYBRID BLAK. The label is ready to unleash upon the unassuming masses HYBRID BLAK: BLAKTRACKS Vol. 2.,  its next chapter. 12 original tracks showcasing 14 different artists. Focusing on the newest sounds of the underground, HYBRID BLAK: BLAKTRACKS Vol. 2 showcases a veritable smorgasbord of dark and grimy to tear up the dancefloor with.

Familiar names from the HYBRID BLAK pantheon return. BIOMECHANIMAL  with their metal-infused dubstep, MECHANICAL VEIN & SALTEE battering your woofers with drum and bass, and ER4SE returning with his unique mixture of trap-infused dystopian pop.  New additions include: TRiSSTATIC

Unrelenting ferocity found within the high-octane breaks of TRULY SIGNIFICANT, the drum and bass beats from  SINISTER SOULS, the acid-laden onslaught of bass from Kofin, and the dramatic orchestrations of SENTINEL COMPLEX.

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