Joe Fox & The Frantics Return With Stunning New Song ‘Haze’

Joe Fox & The Frantics is a Seattle-born band with their new home base in Los Angeles, California. They recently released a brand new piece of music called Haze, which seems like a fantastic example of what the group is capable of accomplishing with their excellent songwriting. Haze features great production aesthetics 

Haze is a relatively simple song at its core, and this is precisely what makes it so great. It is a no-fuss, no-frills tracks that hits straight to the point, giving the audience a really exciting emotional outlook into the topic of meeting someone for the very first time and starting an exciting new relationship. Sonically, the liveliness of the music feels like a really perfect match for this songwriting subject and Joe Fox & The Frantics are perfectly in synch with this vibe. 

Words don’t really do this music any justice, so the best thing for you to do is to actually listen for yourself and let Haze telly ou the rest of this unique story! Find out more about Joe Fox, and check out their new work, Haze, now available on the web.

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