PHARMACOSE Releases Newest Single, “Smash”!

Jacksonville, FL Alternative Rock project PHARMACOSE has revealed their newest single, “Smash,” off of their newly combined LP, Prescription Fiction. Originally intended as a 2 album release that was ultimately disrupted by worldwide events in 2020, front-man and songwriter Wes Jones reapproached the focus and tone, broadening Prescription Fiction both stylistically and technically, with the result being an incredibly nuanced and introspectiveContinue reading “PHARMACOSE Releases Newest Single, “Smash”!”

Introducing: Midnight Foolishness

Midnight Foolishness is from Bensonhurst Brooklyn. The band was formed By Robert Corbino, who recruited Julio Aries, formerly of the band Candiria . The band has played over 500 shows throughout the years and their last album Use Your Head Not Your Hands is out now. Their latest single, “The Reasons We Don’t Talk Anymore,” holds special significance to the band;Continue reading “Introducing: Midnight Foolishness”