Introducing: Midnight Foolishness

Midnight Foolishness is from Bensonhurst Brooklyn. The band was formed By Robert Corbino, who recruited Julio Aries, formerly of the band Candiria . The band has played over 500 shows throughout the years and their last album Use Your Head Not Your Hands is out now. Their latest single, “The Reasons We Don’t Talk Anymore,” holds special significance to the band; the last song they recorded for the album, it was almost lost entirely – with the rest of their recordings – but was luckily recovered. Midnight Foolishness has also been featured on Alt 92.3 FM in New York City and 89.5 WSOU.

The band has released a new music video for their single, “The Reasons We Don’t Talk Anymore” off of their album Use Your Head Not Your Hands. One of the few acoustic tracks on the record, “The Reasons We Don’t Talk Anymore” is a melodic one, showcasing the band’s more emotive side in contrast to harder tracks like “Are You Ready?” The band’s influences range as much as their sound, from heavy-hitters Dance Gavin Dance to the Emo/Rock mainstay Dashboard Confessional.

Use You’re Head Not Your Hands is an album about having fun and getting through tough times!” The band is excited to release this single but is always looking ahead to the future as well. “We have a lot of new music coming out,” Corbino says. “Some guests we have include legendary drummers such as Eric Moore Joseph Arrington (Royal Coda, A Lot Like Birds), and Josh Miller (Emmure).

The video, created by Eric DiCarlo was a great experience for the band. “It was actually filmed in my guitarist Mike’s bedroom – he is the guy with the mohawk! It was a lot of fun doing this video. Sometimes it’s hard to see the vision before it’s done.

 Listen to “The Reasons We Don’t Talk Anymore” on SPOTIFY (hyperlink) or watch the video on YouTube below.

Connect With Midnight Follishness:


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