Introducing: I Fight Fail

I Fight Fail, hailing from Canton, Ohio, is the scene’s stalwart that’s on the rise. Comprised of vocalist/guitarist Andy Potter and drummer/guitarist Anthony Carter, the group has come a long way since their emergence of the self-released EP “Move Me” in 2014. Soon after, I Fight Fail broke out with “Voyages and Vantage Points” in 2016, and followed up in a big way with further singles over the years.

One such single, the captivating “Here”, maintained a presence on Billboard’s Top 100 Rock Mainstream songs list for more than a month. With a spot on the legendary Warped Tour and coverage from Alt Press, I Fight Fail has been there and done that in their strong run. Most recently, the band took to the stage and shared it with emo greats Hawthorne Heights.

Growing up with 2000’s emo/punk in their ears, I Fight Fail draws influence from a wide bevy of genres to mold their peppy, invigorating take on alt-pop. Fans have grown accustomed to flashy synth runs, anthemic vocals, and choruses that stick around long past the song’s ending. Variety is the spice of I Fight Fail’s discography, as no two releases sound the same thanks to a dedication to reinventing themselves with every new release. Whether it’s the intensity of “All I Am”, the bouncy “Silhouettes”, or the stylistic cover of Taking Back Sunday’s “Cute Without the E”, listeners will find gems all across their back catalog.

Their newest single, the darkly anthemic “FADED (feat. AJ Perdomo)” is out now. The song features AJ Perdomo of The Dangerous Summer, giving the emo-influenced track an even sharper edge. On “Faded,” the band offers some of what Midwestern emo does best – heartfelt lyricism capitulated into dueling vocal performances over post-punk/alt rock heaviness.

This song was a lot of fun to work on,” says the band. “Having AJ join in was great. With this song, we wrote it on a whim and it turned out great in our opinion. We hope everyone else enjoys it just as much.” According to AJ, the enjoyment in collaborating with the band was mutual.

Working with I Fight Fail was really epic,” AJ says. “They sent me their whole EP, and really blown away by what they were making. We tried a couple of songs, and landed on this one. It has such an energy and darkness. They even gave me some good space to scream at the end. Overall great dudes, and can’t wait for the world to hear it.”  

Listen to “Faded (feat. AJ Perdomo)” on SPOTIFY now!

I Fight Fail is:
Andy Potter – Singer/Guitar
Anthony Carter – Drummer/Guitar

Connect with I Fight Fail:

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