Introducing: Modern Andy

Modern Andy is a Trip-Hop/Electronica musician from St. Louis, Missouri. Modern Andy’s distinctive electronic sound is created using analog equipment ranging from a 1914 Baby Grand Piano, Acoustic Guitars and outboard effects handmade by local artisans.

Modern Andy has released their newest single, the very chill “Demonized/ :Reimagined” featuring electronic duo Lowlegs. The song itself is an ambient vibe, sure to be popular amongst the ever growing genre of similar soundscapes. It also features a selection of vocal samples which give the track a thoughtful if not almost unsettling at times through line.

“Demonized/ :Reimagined is one of those songs that forces you to think and not think all at the same time,” says Modern Andy’s Eric Tutskey. “It feels similar to how you can be alone in a crowded room.” Tutsky’s description of the track rings true, and what’s more, it seems that there’s some new element to catch on every listen.

“Demonized/ :Reimagined” was produced by Modern Andy and co-written by Modern Andy featuring Lowlegs. Lowlegs provided keys, saxophone, and drumbeat while Modern Andy provided all other instrumentation, beats and vocal samples. The track was mixed, mastered and produced by Modern Andy.

Listen to “Demonized/ :Reimagined” on SPOTIFY or on YouTube below.

Connect with Modern Andy:

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