Alt Rap artist Tremayne teams up with heavy hitter Backxlash and Charlie Noiir in ‘Daddy Issues’

Enlisting the ferocious bars of Polaris Prize winner and metal Rap artist Backxwash, Tremayne returns with his second 2022 single, the vulnerable and emotion-fuelled, ‘Daddy Issues’ which explores each artist’s experience with their subsequent parental figures.

Tremayne’s tone and calibre remains exciting, creative and utterly unstoppable as he dives deep into the toxicity present in these relationships, navigating the emotions and feelings that can surface such as pride, ignorance, stubbornness, guilt, resentment, confusion and anger in a braggadocios way.

With Charlie Noiirs capable vocals detailing the chorus, also written by Tremayne, the hook cleverly reinterprets lil Wayne’s 2006 single ‘stuntinlikemydaddy’. Unapologetic and theatrical, ‘Daddy Issues’ provides a cathartic outlet for others who have experienced similar difficulties.  

“I think the concept of the collective consciousness of artists is reigning heavy. Knowing that both myself and one of the biggest rappers of my generation Kendrick chose to highlight this rarely, openly discussed topic that we notice a lot in the black community is super important to me, because it deserves a conversation”

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