Introducing Sakoya

Indianapolis, Indiana hard rock act Sakoya has released their newest single, the melodic metalcore rocker “Reset Restart ”. The track is a perfect showcase for vocalist Alex Nauth’s full-bodied melodies and the band’s riff-heavy, radio-ready brand of polished heavy rock. Thematically, “Reset Restart” is a song for anyone who has been through hardships and needs to reset themselvesContinue reading “Introducing Sakoya”

Introducing Between The Echoes

Alternative emo outfit Between the Echoes has returned with their latest single ‘Phantom Limb‘. The track, which is the second of the band’s album rollout, features the captivating vocals of Stephen Christian (Anberlin, Anchor & Braille). Comprised of layered visuals and a dark figure haunting the protagonist of the narrative, “Phantom Limb” conceptualizes the need to gain powerContinue reading “Introducing Between The Echoes”

Introducing (the) UnSlept

Toledo, Ohio grunge rock outfit (the) UnSlept has just dropped their debut offering, the 10-track album Bad Chapters. The band has spent the last year perfecting the album at Mohawk studio with Shawn Patrick Thomas Daley at the helm. For (the) UnSlept, the emotional, thematical density of the debut is the result of years of living, loving, losing,Continue reading “Introducing (the) UnSlept”

Introducing Ben Tennyson

Ben Tennyson is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Akron OH who uses a mix of live instruments and MIDI to create a rock-like sound authentic to him. His latest release, “Gypsy Soul” is a perfect example of this sound. With almost every song being unique from the last Ben Tennyson is constantly trying to change theContinue reading “Introducing Ben Tennyson”

Introducing Zizzer

Tuscaloosa artist Zizzer is back with his latest single, the hard-hitting rap/rock hybrid “Purge”. The single features both Zizzer’s innate knack for intricate hip-hop-infused pop rock production and his clever lyrics, matched with his machine gun fire intense delivery. For Zizzer, “Purge” is all about the fantasy of tapping into your primal instinct in survival situations. “I’ve been inContinue reading “Introducing Zizzer”

Introducing Blessid Ghost

Phonex-based rapper Blessid Ghost has dropped his newest EP, The Ghostro Intro, along with the title track single “The Ghostro Intro“. The track is a true throwback to a grittier era of hip hop, reminiscent of acts like 2Pac and UGK. The EP was recorded by Skeeter Rock, of Swisherbeats Records at The Saltmine Studio OasisContinue reading “Introducing Blessid Ghost”

Young Gravity Drops ‘Intoxicated’

Rising Bosnian, Arab, and North African rapper, singer, producer, and songwriter Young Gravity will be dropping groovy track “Intoxicated,” R&B-infused hip-hop production led by laid-back rap verses layered over hazy beats.  Created after the emerging act experienced his first alcohol-induced blackout, the track is a vulnerable exploration of wanting to change your ways yet beingContinue reading “Young Gravity Drops ‘Intoxicated’”

Review: Mahamaya Experience – Saxy Sitar

“Saxy Sitar” is a new single from Mahamaya Experience. It is an instrumental song that effortlessly blends various genres of music, including jazz, rock and South Asian and South East Asian musical scales. music. The track is a exciting jaunt into a layered musical landscape, featuring the instruments mentioned in the title of the track,Continue reading “Review: Mahamaya Experience – Saxy Sitar”

Introducing Quali

Alternative shoegaze band Quali has released their new album, When The Dark Presses, on California indie label It’s Okay I’m Crying. The album has a thematic through-line of experiences with episodes of sleep paralysis. “I tried to write about the feelings that I had during these experiences, and tried to make sense of why they were happening,” explains vocalistContinue reading “Introducing Quali”

Introducing Project Vela

Denver, Colorado hard rock band Project Vela has just released their latest single, ‘You Can’t Fix Me’.  The radio-ready single opens with atmospheric, pulsing synths before exploding into a full-frontal rock assault, showcasing Project Vela’s knack for modern rock production and songwriting prowess. The melodic duo bridges electronic, pop, and alternative elements to create a fresh, explosive soundContinue reading “Introducing Project Vela”