Charlie Noiir delivers passion and prowess in debut project ‘On My Sleeve’

Hailing from the west end of Toronto, Charlie Noiirs music paints a vivid yet diverse picture of the city he calls home and the experiences he’s cultivated roaming its streets. Charlie’s musical career began to take flight as the lead vocalist in Toronto duo OSIYM, and he is currently leading the vocals behind XNDR Q., as well as being a member of the Toronto collective, Stay Out Late, thus, making him a staple in the Canadian hip-hop scene.

Vulnerable and raw, energetic and soulful, unfiltered and poignant, the newest iteration of Charlie is the latest in the ever evolving artists phases of growth.

Two years in the making and comprising endless recording, traveling, soul searching and strategic planning, Charle Noiir presents his deeply personal, incredibly versatile and profoundly enthralling full length body of work ‘On My Sleeve’. 

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