Review: Mahamaya Experience – Saxy Sitar

“Saxy Sitar” is a new single from Mahamaya Experience. It is an instrumental song that effortlessly blends various genres of music, including jazz, rock and South Asian and South East Asian musical scales. music.

The track is a exciting jaunt into a layered musical landscape, featuring the instruments mentioned in the title of the track, a saxophone and a sitar, as well as a strong bass, and strong rock drums, and amped nylon guitars.
“Saxy Sitar” is sure to put you in a passionate, good mood, and help you forget about your troubles, and the world!

Although the main groove sounds like a 4/4 the song is actually set in 7 beats, and the lead sitar presents many cross rhythms across the rhythm cycle, so much so one doesn’t recognise that the piece is grooving in 7s, not 4s.

You can hear the track now

The term Mahamaya stands for one being steeped in illusion, and in falsely believing that the only means to happiness is through an ego-based domination of others.
Mahamaya’s songs ask us all to visualize an alternative world which is not driven only by ‘ego-based technology and ‘phallic’ innovation. We have all seen that technology-driven societies have imposed their values on many cultures in the world which have already been rooted in advanced, sophisticated worldviews cantered on ecological awareness, positive psychological well-being, self-control, non-violence, and compassion for all!
The journey to ‘non-ego’ is not dispassionately passionless, nor musically uneventful. Mahamaya’s music presents some of the most melodically complex works showing complete passionate engagement with the celebration of life’s intoxicating illusions, and these intricate melodic motifs and layering builds up and lead the apex of what’s possible in celebrating life’s passions, and the insatiable pursuit of beauty. But like all forms of crescendos, finally, the artist needs to be ready to simply ‘walk away’, and get back to the world of non-ego!

Also be sure to check them out on YouTube as well here

And in soundcloud here.

For more information on Mahamaya’s range of expression please see :

Or visit them on Facebook.

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