Introducing Blessid Ghost

Phonex-based rapper Blessid Ghost has dropped his newest EP, The Ghostro Intro, along with the title track single “The Ghostro Intro“. The track is a true throwback to a grittier era of hip hop, reminiscent of acts like 2Pac and UGK. The EP was recorded by Skeeter Rock, of Swisherbeats Records at The Saltmine Studio OasisContinue reading “Introducing Blessid Ghost”

Young Gravity Drops ‘Intoxicated’

Rising Bosnian, Arab, and North African rapper, singer, producer, and songwriter Young Gravity will be dropping groovy track “Intoxicated,” R&B-infused hip-hop production led by laid-back rap verses layered over hazy beats.  Created after the emerging act experienced his first alcohol-induced blackout, the track is a vulnerable exploration of wanting to change your ways yet beingContinue reading “Young Gravity Drops ‘Intoxicated’”