Review: Eddie and the Wolves – Bad Touch

Eddie And The Wolves are releasing their latest single, “Bad Touch” on the 28th of October and we managed to hear the song early!

The track is a swagger filled radio-ready rocker that combines modern rock and nostalgia-fueled classic glitter and fuzz. The riff-heavy single kicks off with the full band going all in sonically; organs wail as guitars, bass, and drums all vie for your attention in the intro before the song kicks into its central riff. And what a riff! Simple, tough, and energetic. The vocals come in clean and clear, as the track was very well mixed.

“Bad Touch” has a huge hook and, when paired with the monster riff, is instantly memorable straight-ahead rock banger with a good instrumental bridge and a GREAT solo section to switch up the flow a bit. In lesser hands this track may feel dated, less “Bad Touch” and more “Out Of Touch”, but Eddie and the Wolves deftly mixes the 70s/80s rock bravado and grit with an updated sound and textures.

Eddie and the Wolves are a blues rock band from the Midlands in the UK. Overall the track has an energy and attitude that brings to mind artists like JET, Palaye Royale and Maneskin.

Make sure to follow Eddie and the Wolves on your favorite social media and pre-save the single when it becomes available! “Bad Touch” is a single you aren’t going to want to miss.

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