College Radio Released Their Latest Single

Seattle’s College Radio is back again with their latest single, “I’m Sorry”. The track is an ultra-catchy mid-tempo pop punk banger perfect for fans of modern alternative music. About the single, the band says “ I’m Sorry is about me trying to explain, justify, and apologize for simply existing. It’s about being incredibly uncomfortable in your ownContinue reading “College Radio Released Their Latest Single”

Introducing: State Run Radio

Punk band State Run Radio has released its debut EP, the self-titled State Run Radio EP. The 6 song EP is out now on Lemmis Records and features the singles “Our New National Anthem” and “Rent the Garden”. On “New National Anthem”, State Run Radio took it upon itself to give America a new, better reason to stand at sporting events. “WeContinue reading “Introducing: State Run Radio”

Introducing Xeila

Los Angeles-based alt-pop artist Xeila has released their newest single, “Colors”. The uptempo alternative pop track features slick production and songwriting, all showcasing pop singer-songwriter Ross Rocco’s, who performs under the moniker Xeila, crystal clear and emotive vocals. About the song, Xeila had this to say: “This song talks about how I’ve been struggling to letContinue reading “Introducing Xeila”

Introducing Fire By Night

Phoenix Arizona Alt Rock band Fire By Night has released their newest single, “Ghost”, just in time for Halloween Weekend. The track is a hard modern rock song that showcases the powerful vocals of Kai Vander Maten.  The song is the band’s follow up to the single “Menagerie”, which released in Spring of 2022. TheContinue reading “Introducing Fire By Night”

Introducing Embers

Alternative Emo artist Embers has released his new EP, EMO SZN. The EP was written over the course of COVID, as Embers found himself dealing with the same mental health issues many of us had during lockdown. “I recorded EMO SZN over the course of a few months in my home studio when COVID had hit its peak,” explains Embers. “HavingContinue reading “Introducing Embers”

Eugenia Post Meridiem reveal the edgy and alluring ‘whisper’

For fans who enjoy the mystical universe of Hiatus Kaiyote, Christine and the Queens, PYJÆN and Tame Impala.  Italian Indie band Eugenia Post Meridiem’s sound is eccentric, abstract and refreshingly intangible, allowing the listener’s own interpretation and understanding to take flight.  This rings true for third single ‘whisper’ the edgy, alluring and utterly enticing darkContinue reading “Eugenia Post Meridiem reveal the edgy and alluring ‘whisper’”

Introducing Grasping At The Shadow

Bradenton, Florida deathcore band Grasping At The Shadow has released its newest single, “Shards of Glass”. The track is brutal from the outset, with a deliberate half-time riff performed over Violinist Kimberly Hovencamp’s simple yet effective melody giving way to double-time blast beats and crunching riffs from guitarist Daniel Avalle and bassist Margaret Applegate, serving as theContinue reading “Introducing Grasping At The Shadow”

Introducing Ocna

Brighton, England indie rock band Ocna has released its newest single, “Less Luminous”. Sonically, the track is a radio-ready, darkly lush indie pop-rock track with dense layers that serve as a bed for singer Fiona Robertson’s sultry vocals. About the track, the band says “We adore the introspective sounds of Jacques Brel, Scott Walker, and chanson. Our music has alwaysContinue reading “Introducing Ocna”

Introducing Half Dizzy

(Long Island, NY 10/7/22) – Long Island, NY punk act Half Dizzy has released their newest single, “Never Been Happier”. The track is their second single since being signed by Punkerton Records and precedes their upcoming 8-song EP titled Courtacy Flush (October 21st). It follows the lead single “Broken Down”, which was released on Sept 23rd. Thematically, “Never Been Happier” isContinue reading “Introducing Half Dizzy”

Introducing Verse, Chorus, Inferno

Como, Italy’s Verse, Chorus, Inferno has released their newest single, a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s seminal track “Dreams”. The straight-ahead punk rock track blends the band’s signature style seamlessly with the classic song and features guest vocals from Sandro Forty Winks. “It’s a great classic song, with a very simple structure but killer melodies,” says the band. “WeContinue reading “Introducing Verse, Chorus, Inferno”