BRIAN BAKER Releases Breezy Indie EP Recorded On New Zealand Farm

New Zealand singer-songwriter BRIAN BAKER today celebrates the release of his latest 5-track EP OPEN UP YOUR HEART, a collection of new and reimagined tunes, recorded at his Kaipara-based studio facility. A new arrangement on a song he originally wrote back in 2018, ‘Open Up Your Heart’ is a cruisy, care-free, electro-dub ear-worm with an ageless and universalContinue reading “BRIAN BAKER Releases Breezy Indie EP Recorded On New Zealand Farm”

Introducing Stars in Toledo

Burlington, Iowa-based rock band Stars In Toledo has announced their upcoming Sophmore album Ascendance and released the title track lead single. A group of experienced and accomplished studio and touring musicians, Stars In Toldeo plays what many have termed “New Classic Rock” with the heart of an American rock band featuring an eclectic mix of members from England, Argentina,Continue reading “Introducing Stars in Toledo”

CIRCADIA Aims To Make “A Lasting Impression” With Positive New Single

Hailing from Ravenna Ohio, Circadia is an electronic pop-rock duo consisting of Nathan and Alyssa James. The band has just released their newest single, “A Lasting Impression“, a song all about the importance of love. “This song has what I think is a very important message that the world needs to hear,” explains Nathan. “TheContinue reading “CIRCADIA Aims To Make “A Lasting Impression” With Positive New Single”


Libricide is a multi-faceted modern rock band based out of New York, USA, fusing styles and taking stages to create an original sonic experience that broadens your mind and gets stuck in your head. Holding down multiple roles at the forefront of Libricide is producer, songwriter, and frontman Harun Gadol, who originally formed the bandContinue reading “LIBRICIDE Releases New Album CONSILIENCE”

STFLR Return With Harborless

Long Island, NY pop-punk band STFLR just dropped their latest single, “Harborless”. The track kicks off with some overly saturated riffs and double-time drums, reminiscent of 90s skate punk before giving way to a more full-time feel. The single balances a line somewhere between melodic punk and the more hard-edged approach of hardcore, including a pretty gnarly breakdownContinue reading “STFLR Return With Harborless”

DCxPC Live Releases Grave Return/The Hamiltons Live Split Vinyl

DCxPC Live has announced the release of DCxPC Live Vol 5: Grave Return and The Hamiltons. The album was recorded at a party thrown by DCxPC Live. DCxPC Live is a Florida based label that exclusively issues vinyl releases of live albums. For Grave Return, a punk act from the suburbs of Orlando that has openedContinue reading “DCxPC Live Releases Grave Return/The Hamiltons Live Split Vinyl”

mc chris Says Goodbye

Prolific rapper, writer, voice actor and animator mc chris has announced his final tour ever! Slowed down by Covid, a divorce and his new role as a single dad, mc chris (never capitalized intentionally) sets out on what he’s calling his last tour this summer with supporting act Crunk Witch. Given that he has a child toContinue reading “mc chris Says Goodbye”

Introducing: Half Heard Voices

Half Heard Voices is an American progressive metal band founded in Frederick, Maryland. The group’s sonics treat the user to a myriad of ambient guitar harmonies and clean vocals, then quickly transition into a barrage of riff-driven discord. Originated in 2019, the group comprises of new singer Alex Conner, guitarists Dillon Baird and Jeremy Sabine, bassistContinue reading “Introducing: Half Heard Voices”

Introducing: May In May

Morning In May (often stylized MIM) is the musical vessel of singer-songwriter Jake Bartolic. Known for descriptive lyrics that bring songs to life in a cinematic way, MIM finds himself at the forefront of modernizing pop-rock. Morning In May’s works include a music video for “Everybody’s Innocent Here, Don’t You Know That?,” the leading single off ofContinue reading “Introducing: May In May”

CALL IN DEAD Return With A New Vocalist On Blistering Punk Track “Patriarchy”

Orlando Florida’s Call In Dead are back with their latest track “Patriarchy“, the first song featuring their new vocalist Ripley.  The band features four veteran punk rockers, who blend their different musical experiences and styles to make a sound that is at once familiar to fans of hardcore punk while also giving it a fresh, unique take. On “Patriarchy“,Continue reading “CALL IN DEAD Return With A New Vocalist On Blistering Punk Track “Patriarchy””