Kate Fenner shares the raw, emotive ‘Dead Reckoning’

Kate Fenner is a Canadian musician, currently based in New York City. The New York Times describes her vocal stylings as having a “lusty, alternative, Joni Mitchell-ish sound”. She was one of the primary singers and songwriters for the Canadian alternative rock band Bourbon Tabernacle Choir in the 1980s and 1990s. After its dissolution, FennerContinue reading “Kate Fenner shares the raw, emotive ‘Dead Reckoning’”

Das Wortspiel share incredible debut album ‘Chapter I’

Maryana Golovko (singer, soloist of the NOVA OPERA formation) and Max Smogol (sound producer, film composer, multi-instrumentalist) presented their new music project called Das Wortspiel with their debut album ‘Chapter I’. The project’s name translates from German as «wordplay». Created in 2022 during Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, ‘Chapter I’ includes the musicians’ reflections onContinue reading “Das Wortspiel share incredible debut album ‘Chapter I’”

Seethe Announces New Album

Pittsburgh, PA trapcore artist Seethe has released their newest single, “In Pieces” and has announced their new album,  the intense and diverse Psalms of the Dead Better Left Unsung and Unread. Both consistent and cohesive in its delivery, the album delivers tracks that share a similar vibe but vary differently in terms of mood and delivery. The albumContinue reading “Seethe Announces New Album”

Introducing Paper Forest

San Diego, CA rock band Paper Forest has announced their newest album, Trick Photographer, out Sept 22nd on It’s Okay, I’m Crying. Along with the album announcement, the band has dropped their latest single “House In Your Head”. The song was a true labor of love for singer-songwriter Sean Burdeaux. “This song took the longest to write,” he explains. “I found an oldContinue reading “Introducing Paper Forest”

Introducing Marko Bojkovic

Florida metal guitarist Marko Bojkovic has released his latest album, Venom. Musically, the album is a mixture of progressive metal, death metal, power metal, and thrash metal, with a hint of influence from anime and video game OSTs. Venom was over two years in the making, beginning in 2020 when Covid hit. “Recording was on hiatus duringContinue reading “Introducing Marko Bojkovic”

Introducing Omar Feliciano

Queens, NY singer-songwriter Omar Feliciano has just released his newest album, the 12-track House Of Aragon. This intimate album as a whole dives into and reflects on topics such as systemic racism, history, the prison system, human rights, the struggling and misunderstood artist, social media, friendships, loss, and relationships. The album was preceded by the singles “FamilyContinue reading “Introducing Omar Feliciano”

Introducing (the) UnSlept

Toledo, Ohio grunge rock outfit (the) UnSlept has just dropped their debut offering, the 10-track album Bad Chapters. The band has spent the last year perfecting the album at Mohawk studio with Shawn Patrick Thomas Daley at the helm. For (the) UnSlept, the emotional, thematical density of the debut is the result of years of living, loving, losing,Continue reading “Introducing (the) UnSlept”

Introducing Quali

Alternative shoegaze band Quali has released their new album, When The Dark Presses, on California indie label It’s Okay I’m Crying. The album has a thematic through-line of experiences with episodes of sleep paralysis. “I tried to write about the feelings that I had during these experiences, and tried to make sense of why they were happening,” explains vocalistContinue reading “Introducing Quali”

Introducing Stars in Toledo

Burlington, Iowa-based rock band Stars In Toledo has announced their upcoming Sophmore album Ascendance and released the title track lead single. A group of experienced and accomplished studio and touring musicians, Stars In Toldeo plays what many have termed “New Classic Rock” with the heart of an American rock band featuring an eclectic mix of members from England, Argentina,Continue reading “Introducing Stars in Toledo”


Libricide is a multi-faceted modern rock band based out of New York, USA, fusing styles and taking stages to create an original sonic experience that broadens your mind and gets stuck in your head. Holding down multiple roles at the forefront of Libricide is producer, songwriter, and frontman Harun Gadol, who originally formed the bandContinue reading “LIBRICIDE Releases New Album CONSILIENCE”