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The Breaking Music Radio Show!

Breaking Music Magazine has teamed up with Abydos Records Radio and The Heart Riot Agency to bring you The Breaking Music Radio Show, hosted by Lance Waste ( Lead Singer of Darling Waste, founder of The Heart Riot Agency), the show is a weekly look at indie rock bands that are featured here on Breaking Music Magazine. Tune in every wednesday night at 8pm to discover your new favorite band!

Track by Track With Eily Orcko

Rapper Eily Orcko recently released an amazing mixtape. We’ve been listening to it all week. We asked Eily to give us a track by track breakdown of what each song is about. 
Grab the freemixtape at DAT PIFF and read along as you listen to each track!
Smile: Smile was a song I kind of had in my head before it was written. The song consist of bits of my personal life and views bringing you in with “Let me see a crowd of angels laughing from they angle” kind of setting the tone of frustration. I really wanted the listener to get a glimpse into parts of my life I don’t really speak on with this song like I do with all of them but with alittle more depth. At the end of this song I had a message to someone very dear to me that continuously let me down but they no longer matter so I guess they really couldn’t make me smile at the end of the day huh?
Bogus: Bogus is abit of introspective on my whole career to a degree. The song starts off with “I crash landed abandoning my brand new rocket ship” which is really a reference to me feeling like I’m stranded in Cleveland leaving behind allot of the things I had recently obtained back home…I lost allot. the song really goes indepth with feeling out of my element with all of this, Being a rapper, all these new people I’m meeting, The hip-hop scene, the hate and channels we have to swim through to even take the smallest step in what we hope is the right direction all of it. Bogus really is suppose to let people know “hey I’m out here doing me, yeah its awkward and hard but this is what I love and I’m here to make the change I wanna see in the community no matter what.” I’m always trying to stay true to my message of positivity but not be so direct with it and bogus captures the whole essence of that concept.
Enough: “Bro pass me a bottle, Losing these days screaming out fuck tomorrow, Spend all my evenings with niggas and bitches, so I spend my riches and drown in my sorrows.” Off rip Enough’s message is put out there. I grow tired, I hit my lows, I drink and spend money I don’t have on things I don’t need so I don’t feel ect. Enough from my perspective comes from that point where you just simply have enough of your negative ways and the negativity around you. Fox came in with this painting the picture from his perspective, him being the responsible and better put together person on this track he raps from his perspective of being the sober guy around that negativity and not really fully understanding but at least being there cause he knows his friends need help. you get two sides of one scenario the drunk with allot on his plate and trying to get by and his friend whose always a reliable ride from the party they really didn’t wanna attend in the first place.
Chuthlu Shalt Not Be Disturbed: Alright lets get this out the way I love H.P Lovecraft’s work and the ocean is like my life I love water so I’m drawn to there being some alien squid dragon guy under the water taking a nap who if you look at him he’ll drive you insane…I can relate man people look at me and then they look crazy all the time. Now that the title is out the way, this song has a lazy vibe. I wrote this with the whole “I feel like an outcast” mind set I reference back to my drinking and how it helps me coast through life “floating down a lake of whiskey” I like whiskey drink of preference just a little fun fact for you. To wrap this up, the song is really just a relaxed tune saying yeah I hear you but I’m just gonna figure everything out my way.
Nudes From A Vampire: “Nudes From A Vampire” Lets see if you can tie this all together. If you know anything about vampires (I like spelling it with a Y ((Vampyre)) but I feel like I gotta sacrifice things like that sometimes) you can’t get nudes from a vampire cause they cant be photographed so your not getting anything out of the message. the nudes part come on now we all appreciate nudes and wanna see the goods right? I wrote this about my highschool girlfriend that sucked the life out of me…well tried to. the song holds content from being in a one sided relationship where you feel like you have to chase someone your already with and your getting nothing out of it. at the end I close off with “one day well both see the same thing and well see who comes back” which is really referencing when you break that relationship off seriously that person will attempt to come back at some point…my advice though, just move on there’s better people in this world to surround yourself with and you deserve to be happy and if your that life sucking vampire all I have to say is, Stop it your making all the awesome people in this world lame and sad.
Wild Things: A tropical adventure through my old partying days with the wild things. This is one of my favorite tracks it really is just fun for me. The song holds my famous drinking content (get use to it) with a little view into my old life of being out in the streets, drinking, fighting, yelling, dealing with self Proclaimed “O.G’s” and telling my listener who may try to be one of the “monsters” come on and see what its really like. the hook in the track is suppose to show the positive fun side yet the verses are suppose to reflect the negatives. All and all I tried to set the fun relaxed wavy tone with this song.
Sunset Motel: This is an actual undisclosed location, if you know what it is AYEEEE. A small personal story from a time way before I was an adult making questionable decisions as a young teenager in South Florida. The song contains abit of a day I had with a girl I was interested in for a week or so we use to talk about saving up money and getting out of Florida to see the world and just have fun with no more drama but it also holds the reality of that situation where I have to be around and be apart of things I don’t agree with in my head. the whole ordeal ended up with me drinking allot of vodka, skating all over the place, partying, rarely sleeping, making money and spending it all then loosing what even got me into all of that to begin with.  at the end of all that I end up alone working on music…
Journey Of The Destroyer: So if you paid attention to the bits of detail in the last song at this point I’m alone “Journey of the Destroyer”  is introspective of everything I did previously before and where I’m headed. I tackle things like relationships, feeling and being alone as a kid, hiding from problems, and growing up in general then kinda landing where I am after taking a loss. I reference retreating again and falling back into my old loner ways and if I do that will the person I lost find me or are we just gonna meet awkwardly on the other side. do our Losses take away from who we are, make us stronger or do they make us all monsters (little bit of foreshadowing there).
If Dogs Were Wizards: so the title is just a title has nothing to do with anything really…just so you know. “if dogs were wizards” is like Bogus Pt.2. As I make my way as an artist people throw shade at me and with my growth I have more confidence in my craft. the whole track I’m really doing my least favorite thing and that’s rapping about rapping. All in all there’s some bars and flow switches I can appreciate but at the end of the day its just about my career so far and how unhappy I am with certain things. this whole tape is really just a series of bogus events in my life.
KIDS: Kids Is a freestyle…..I was just rapping about whatever came to mind really, the beat is chill and keeps up with the whole wavy them. I mention things that we do that take away from us being us and losing ourselves. Mentioning my career again I also reference being called crazy at points in my life and replied to that saying “I’m not insane, Just switched up and made my own lane, gathered experience making good vibes from bad pain” which can be taken all types of ways. still Kids is a freestyle I stepped to the mic, hit record spit then edited an threw it on the tape.
Rain: I often feel like things that went wrong in my relationship are my fault. I focused so heavily on music I didn’t give the girl I loved the attention I use to. My passion for her and the passion I found doing this drove me to be a better artist honestly. Once again loss is the topic a song of mine. I’m starting to think I’m a depressing artist the deeper I get into this stuff.
That Sinking Feeling You When…: Through out my life I’ve been in and out of others and some people just look for trouble. This song was about a friend of mine I use to see allot of good in but she always ended up hurting herself with her bad choices. a smooth relaxed oceanic tune intros you into me describing a moment with her, from there I sing about the events that take place day to day and how we met. the tone is set to be wavy like everything else but also have a more lost feel than the rest. With less power and control in this situation I wanted my listener to get lost in the vibe so I let the beat ride out for awhile after I sing the outro.
Night: Closing this mixtape you find yourself with “Night” which is the same subject matter as Bogus but in present context. Where I’m at right now I feel like I’m in ruins with nothing music in my heart and fire in my soul. No more home, no more friends, nothing is the same anymore for me I have set my path as “Eliy Orcko” the Former Punk Skater from Coral Springs, Florida. The song reflects on everything all the previous songs talked about and I think it’s one of my best, it has that wavy song with an up beat groove to it along with my vocal melodies its definitely in my top 5 on this whole project.
Like Me: “Like Me” is a song Sav from Authentic Language gave me as a feature and wanted me to kind of take over for so I used it on the tape. It ended up fitting well but I didn’t know where it should go so I consider It a bonus track if you shuffle the whole project you’ll find it fits in perfectly though. the track is just about loving someone intensely and enjoying just who they are and what you have together. content touches on more than physical relations, always being there, taking a chance with someone different, and sticking by their side cause you’ll never have another connection like the one you have with a person who actually cares and vibes with you.


Lady Aphasia’s new album, “The Age of Transience” comes out on Heart Riot Records this month. Below is a review of the EP along with the premiere of the lead single “Something Needs to Change”. Listen to the song below and check out our review!

“Lady Aphasia EP Review: “The Age of Transience” (Heart Riot Records)

In the chorus of the opening track on her debut EP “The Age of Transience “Indie-pop singer Lady Aphasia mourns:

The heart in my chest will never be satisfied / but at least I can say I tried /something needs to change /

The rest of the four song EP reflects on love, loss and moving on and the perils that are associated with love, loss and the human experience. But that does not mean that Lady Aphasia is world weary, far from it; she is simply a bird who has lost her wings and hoping to recover from her fall. Her fear of changing comes with the absolute paralysis of staying the same, and becoming emotionally stagnant, and then only destruction can come from it.

My favorite song on the record is “Something Needs to Change” because of how busy and heavy the beat is in the opening sequence of the intro before the singing starts. I think that a catchy beat coupled with sincere, emotional lyrics make for an unforgettable jam that goes on repeat for many summer nights. The “Age of Transience” is interesting stylistically because of how the beat keeps driving the song forward while Lady Aphasia’s vocals hover over the instrumentals like a haunted ghost seeking its way to mend its broken heart.

Lady Aphasia’s music works because it is simple and and yet at the same time human; no exaggerated instrumentals here…just raw emotion about the joys and pitfalls of love and loss. From the sound of it, newcomer to the Cleveland rock circuit; Lady Aphasia is already a force to be reckoned with from the spin lights of rock and roll clubs of Cleveland and beyond! Be sure to like Lady Aphasia on Facebook and check out her new EP “The Age of Transience” which will be released in July 2015 by Heart Riot Records!


– Ryan Sagert
Staff Reviewer

Lance Waste Releases New Single From Debut Album

Darling Waste frontman Lance Waste has released his first single, “A Liar’s Lullaby” from his upcoming debut solo album, a split with fellow Darling Waste member Anthony Powers. It was released as a lyric video on his personal youtube page last night. The album is out Feb 13th on Heart Riot Records. Check out the video below.



Breaking Music Magazine – So the band is just the two of you? How did that come about? Does the name reflect that?

V5 – In the past, we’ve played with several other bands and musical acts. However, we had trouble maintaining a steady line-up, so we decided to strip it down to the two of us because we know we’re dedicated and willing to put in the effort to make it happen. We came up with the name “Version 5” because it’s our fifth band (clever right?).

Breaking Music Magazine – Whats it like being brothers and being in band? do you guys ever fight?

V5 – Yeah. we definitely disagree all the time, but it’s the fact that we are able to resolve conflicts that we feel separates us from the majority of other bands. It’s also our disagreements in our music tastes that led us the genre that we’re in. Besides, being brothers seems like a pretty cool niche.

Breaking Music Magazine – what’s the music scene like where you live?

V5 – In Minnesota, the music scene revolves around Minneapolis, so bands from all over the state go there to play, and a bunch of genres collide. Where we’re at, outside of St. Cloud, we feel most of the music is dominated by cover bands, or original hardcore metal bands. From what we’ve experienced, our genre seems to be unfulfilled here in Minnesota.


Breaking Music Magazine – I see that you guys are putting up a lot of video content. Where do the ideas come from? How often are you doing it? Tell us about them.

V5 – Well, besides being into music, Spncer makes short films and does freelance film work, so the videos were a natural progression for us. The band’s “Version 5 TV” is just another outlet for film efforts and makes it fun for the both of us. Our biggest influences come from other online video logs and YouTube personalities like Ray William Johnson and DeFranco. We take that whole idea and mix it with Jackass and early CKY style videos, and recently we’ve been releasing new content every week, whether it’s a new song, music video, or photoshoot. Along with that, we’ve been trying to release a new video log every two weeks or so to keep our fans updated.

Breaking Music Magazine – You also just put out a video for your single? How did that come about? Did you do it yourself?

V5 – Yes! We just finished up and released the “official” music video for our single “Last Ride”. The lyrical content of the song is about someone liberating themselves from thinking the same as everyone else, or being “brainwashed”. We portrayed that in the video by showing the character mindlessly watching our music and deciding instead to break free. We had some help with the filming of the video from a local photographer and friend, but everything else was done by us.


Breaking Music Magazine – With just the two members, how do you do the live show ?

V5 – We play over prerecorded drums and use electronic pads and a variety of other midi devices to trigger and incorporate sounds, synths, and other tracks. Andy, who plays guitar, maintains a live rock feel to the show, whereas Spencer is responsible for triggering most of the effects, and is influenced by DJs and electronic music. Together, we’re able to create a huge sound coming from only two people, and manage to have a unique and energetic live feel.

Breaking Music Magazine – What’s the rest of the year look like for you?

V5 – Our main goal is to finish up and release an EP within the next few months, which will include our two already released tracks “Last Ride” and “My Addiction”. Besides that, we want to get out and start playing more shows and polish up our live act. You can also expect us to keep putting out video logs, music videos, and other content throughout the year.

Breaking Music Magazine – if you could put together a festival with any bands/ acts, what would it look like? who would you like to see re-unite to do a reunion show at it?

V5 – Andy- I’m a rock n’ roll guy, so I’d love to play with bands like The Who, GnR, Alice in Chains, and Godsmack. Those are my primary influences, and even though we play a different genre than them, I feel like like elements of my style are attributed to those guys.
V5 – Spencer – I’m definitely more electronic music based than my bro. If I we’re putting on a festival, I’d want to see Gary Numan, Nine Inch Nails, and maybe even deadmau5 or someone completely electronic based. Yeah I listen to a wide variety of musical genres, but I feel like most of my musical influence for this band comes from artists like these.

The combination of our two music styles led us to play industrial rock.


Breaking Music Magazine – aside from being the band, what other hobbies do you guys have?

V5 – Like we mentioned above, film making is a passion of ours (mostly Spencer). Everything else we enjoy doing is portrayed in our video logs, skateboarding, hangin’ on the lake, and just messin’ around. In general, I’d say we’re fans of any extreme sport.

Breaking Music Magazine – Lie to us about your band name and how you formed. try to include superpowers please. If you do a good job you can also plug anything you would like afterwards. Thank you.

V5 – Growing up in the Klondike during the gold rush, there weren’t many musical opportunities for Andy and Spencer Olson. Together they saved enough money to purchase a didgeridoo, which is their true instrumental passion. If it wasn’t for the freak Yeti accident of ’78, Andy wouldn’t have gained his freak musical senses that soon lead to the creation of industrial rock music. They ditched the didgeridoo, being that it wasn’t a popular form of musical exploration at the time, and instead invested in drum machines. “Version 5”, which later became the name of the band, was the brand of pick axe that Spencer spent hours swinging in search of minute amounts of gold dust.

10 questions with Blood Tribe

Breaking Music Magazine recently sat down with metal act Blood Tribe to talk about the band, their career and their current album. Check it!

Breaking Music Magazine – Blood Tribe is a really different name. How did it come about?

Blood Tribe – When our drummer was a kid,. his grandmother told him that when the world ends you will be able to look up at the sky and see an ocean of blood. The blood in the ocean is from all the people who died in the wars of our world. The last remaining survivors of our world, who can look up at the sky and see the ocean are called the Blood Tribe.

BMM – There tend to be a lot of sub-genres in your genre. How do you classify your music?

BT – We like to call it meth metal.

BMM – You guys have been in the scene for a while now, how has the scene changed since you started and do you like where it’s going?

BT – In my opinion the scene where we live is tough. It has declined and we do not like where it is going.

BMM – You guys are pretty heavy, when you are writing music, is there a conscious decision to be heavy or is it natural? How does the songwriting happen?

BT – It is natural, nothing is planned and what is written is what flows naturally.

BMM – What can people expect at a live show?

BT – Start to finish aggressive music. No clean singing, no sermons and people who love metal playing music for other people that love metal.

BMM – Tell us a bit about the album you have out and the album you are working on?

BT – Repulse, the album we have out on Dark Harvest Records is our second release. It includes “In Fair Verona” which we shot our first video for. You can check that out on Youtube. The new EP has a couple of working titles, and will have around six songs. The first single will be on the soundtrack for the movie “Three Tears on Blood Stained Flesh.”

BMM – Can we get a top 5 list of artists in your genre that we need to check out?

BT – Here are five metal bands you should check out. Our friends in Origin, Battlecross, Aeageon, Reaping Asmodeia and United By Hate.

BMM – When you guys tour, do you have a favorite record that everyone agrees to listen to? What about any guilty pleasures?

BT – We don’t really have favorites but the majority of what we listen to is Alice In Chains, Beatles, Lynard Skynard, Mastadon, Iron Maiden, Queen, Led Zeppelin and KISS. Our guilty pleasures would be: R. Kelly, Tech 9 and Snoop Dogg.

BMM – A lot of hardcore bands are covering pop and hip hop songs lately. Do you guys do that? What do you think of the trend and do you have a favorite?
We play Blood Tribe covers. We are not into it, don’t cross the streams.

BMM -What does the rest of the year look like for you guys?

BT – Recording the new EP and shooting a video in October. We will be touring in November and preparing for the the end of the world in Dencember. Haha.

Check out the lyric video for their new single “REFLECTIONS”

The Mountain Goats streaming new album!

Check It! The Mountain Goats are streaming their new album over at pigeons and planes!