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The Breaking Music Radio Show!

Breaking Music Magazine has teamed up with Abydos Records Radio and The Heart Riot Agency to bring you The Breaking Music Radio Show, hosted by Lance Waste ( Lead Singer of Darling Waste, founder of The Heart Riot Agency), the show is a weekly look at indie rock bands that are featured here on Breaking Music Magazine. Tune in every wednesday night at 8pm to discover your new favorite band!

This Evening’s Portrait Release Debut Single


Warrington, England’s Anton Rowenski, who releases music under the moniker This Evening’s Portrait, has released his debut single, “Shining Light”. The song was recorded at his home.

“Yeah it was self recorded on my laptop in my bedroom.” Says Rowenski,” It’s written about a girl that I’ve been dating who I think is way out of my league and it was written for her, as cheesy as that sounds.”

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This Labor Day, we bring you a song all about the struggle of the working man, DM – “9to5” featuring Jeremiah Child.

Lance Waste got a chance to chat with DM and Jeremiah Child about the album. Listen to the interview below and then check out the song at the bottom of the post!




wasteland cover

Check out the song here while you read the review below!

As a man that comes from a military family it’s nice to come across a song about service people that doesn’t blind those listening with patriotism – as many songs covering the same subject matter are wont to do. ‘Wasteland’ by Cross Soldier is one such song. “Polite” is a word that comes to mind when describing it. Cross Soldier’s effortless leads tend to drift in and out of the same keys with such smooth transitions that it’s difficult to turn off. It catches the ear and then stays with you the whole time. It’s almost as if the song itself is holding your hand as you become lost in remembrance of those who have fallen protecting this great country of ours. It’s the perfect song to discuss the triumphs and tribulations of the men and women who have served this great country while grilling up a kebob and nursing a cold one with your family. Celebrate the Fourth this year by playing ‘Wasteland’ as your local fireworks begin to take flight and then pause. Take a minute to reflect on all that you are grateful for.

– James Garcia
Staff Writer