Cipha Sounds Fired From Hot 97!

Cipha Sounds has been fired from Hot 97. the station released the following statement. “Effective immediately, Cipha Sounds is no longer with WQHT HOT 97 FM.  We wish him well on his future endeavors.” For his part, Cipha posted the following on his twitter and instagram pages: After 17 years, I’m leaving Hot 97. I¹mContinue reading “Cipha Sounds Fired From Hot 97!”


It has just been announced the Tom Delong has quit Blink 182. He will be replaced at live shows by Alkaline Trio vocalist and guitarist Matt Skiba. In a statement released this morning from the band’s publicist, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker explain the show must go on. Matt Skiba of the Alkaline Trio willContinue reading “TOM DELONG JUST QUIT BLINK 182”

Kendrick Lamar Destroys 2013 With One Verse

Uh – Oh . Kendrick’s verse on Control is gonna set off some battles for sure. This is gonna be great for hip hop for sure. I heard the barbershops be in great debates all the time About who’s the best MC — Kendrick, Jigga, and Nas Eminem, Andre 3000, the rest of y’all NewContinue reading “Kendrick Lamar Destroys 2013 With One Verse”

Waka Flocka Flame Punched

If you are like us,  you have been wondering why Waka Flocka Flame is famous for a while now. But even if he is terrible, that’s no excuse to hit the man while he is bowling for charity. But if you have been waiting for a video of someone to hit “rapper”  Waka Flocka FlameContinue reading “Waka Flocka Flame Punched”