Interview with Avrell

Avrell is a Latin-influenced rock band from Denver, Colorado. The trio have recently hit the ground running with their first stuido album in the works. With influences like Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, and Coldplay infused with their Spanish-language roots, extraordinary arrangements, and catchy vocals, we can be sure to expect something huge from Avrell inContinue reading “Interview with Avrell”

Interview with Public Display of Aggression

Denver’s Public Display of Aggression took a few minutes to answer our questions about their new drummer, working with Dennis Shinn on their new album To Live and Die in Your Suit and Tie, and of course, pizza. If you’re in the Denver area, check out their upcoming benefit show for Toys for Tots at theContinue reading “Interview with Public Display of Aggression”

Azreal Tearing Up The Bound By The Road Tour

Australian metal band Azreal have landed on US soil and are ready to tear it up on the Bound by the Road Tour with DevilDriver.  Singer Luke Hosking took a minute to let us in on tour details and the differences between Australia and America. Breaking Music Magazine – What are you most excited aboutContinue reading “Azreal Tearing Up The Bound By The Road Tour”

The Breaking Music Radio Show!

Breaking Music Magazine has teamed up with Abydos Records Radio and The Heart Riot Agency to bring you The Breaking Music Radio Show, hosted by Lance Waste ( Lead Singer of Darling Waste, founder of The Heart Riot Agency), the show is a weekly look at indie rock bands that are featured here on BreakingContinue reading “The Breaking Music Radio Show!”

Track by Track With Eily Orcko

Rapper Eily Orcko recently released an amazing mixtape. We’ve been listening to it all week. We asked Eily to give us a track by track breakdown of what each song is about.  Grab the freemixtape at DAT PIFF and read along as you listen to each track! Smile: Smile was a song I kind of had inContinue reading “Track by Track With Eily Orcko”


This Labor Day, we bring you a song all about the struggle of the working man, DM – “9to5” featuring Jeremiah Child. Lance Waste got a chance to chat with DM and Jeremiah Child about the album. Listen to the interview below and then check out the song at the bottom of the post! CHECKContinue reading “PREMIERE and INTERVIEW w/ DM and JEREMIAH CHILD”