Introducing Ben Tennyson

Ben Tennyson is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Akron OH who uses a mix of live instruments and MIDI to create a rock-like sound authentic to him. His latest release, “Gypsy Soul” is a perfect example of this sound. With almost every song being unique from the last Ben Tennyson is constantly trying to change theContinue reading “Introducing Ben Tennyson”

Introducing Zizzer

Tuscaloosa artist Zizzer is back with his latest single, the hard-hitting rap/rock hybrid “Purge”. The single features both Zizzer’s innate knack for intricate hip-hop-infused pop rock production and his clever lyrics, matched with his machine gun fire intense delivery. For Zizzer, “Purge” is all about the fantasy of tapping into your primal instinct in survival situations. “I’ve been inContinue reading “Introducing Zizzer”

Introducing Project Vela

Denver, Colorado hard rock band Project Vela has just released their latest single, ‘You Can’t Fix Me’.  The radio-ready single opens with atmospheric, pulsing synths before exploding into a full-frontal rock assault, showcasing Project Vela’s knack for modern rock production and songwriting prowess. The melodic duo bridges electronic, pop, and alternative elements to create a fresh, explosive soundContinue reading “Introducing Project Vela”

Introducing Lives Lost

Hershey, PA alternative post-hardcore act Lives Lost has released their latest single, ‘Letting Go Of Ghosts’. The hard-rocking, radio-ready single is a personal one for frontman Tanis Pellegrini. “This song is very simply put us letting go of the ghosts of our past,” explains Pellegrini. “Toxic relationships both familial and romantic tend to weigh people down for yearsContinue reading “Introducing Lives Lost”

Alt Rap artist Tremayne teams up with heavy hitter Backxlash and Charlie Noiir in ‘Daddy Issues’

Enlisting the ferocious bars of Polaris Prize winner and metal Rap artist Backxwash, Tremayne returns with his second 2022 single, the vulnerable and emotion-fuelled, ‘Daddy Issues’ which explores each artist’s experience with their subsequent parental figures. Tremayne’s tone and calibre remains exciting, creative and utterly unstoppable as he dives deep into the toxicity present inContinue reading “Alt Rap artist Tremayne teams up with heavy hitter Backxlash and Charlie Noiir in ‘Daddy Issues’”

CALL IN DEAD Return With A New Vocalist On Blistering Punk Track “Patriarchy”

Orlando Florida’s Call In Dead are back with their latest track “Patriarchy“, the first song featuring their new vocalist Ripley.  The band features four veteran punk rockers, who blend their different musical experiences and styles to make a sound that is at once familiar to fans of hardcore punk while also giving it a fresh, unique take. On “Patriarchy“,Continue reading “CALL IN DEAD Return With A New Vocalist On Blistering Punk Track “Patriarchy””

VOXX Pays Tribute To Chester Bennington With Linkin Park Cover “One More Light”

Hailing from Tampa Bay, Florida, modern hard rock band VOXX has recently released its cover of Linkin Park’s “One More Light”. Engineered by Jimmy Beattie, the track was released on Chester’s birthday. “Since Chester had a huge influence on Regis’ singing, we feel we needed to honor his work,” says the band.  Playing high-energy music with catchy melodies, great guitarContinue reading “VOXX Pays Tribute To Chester Bennington With Linkin Park Cover “One More Light””

HUXLEY Releases Official Lyric Video for “Second Chances”!

New Jersey based, heavy rock band HUXLEY has released the official lyric video for “Second Chances,” With the lyric video created by *Scott Rudd Film, “Second Chances” showcases why they’re Jersey favorites with driving guitars, soaring vocals, and an addictive baseline that reminds listeners that rock is, in fact, no where near waning. “Second Chances is about notContinue reading “HUXLEY Releases Official Lyric Video for “Second Chances”!”

DAVEY SUICIDE Releases New Single, “Caught in the Fire”!

 Hollywood based, heavy rock outfit, DAVEY SUICIDE has unveiled their newest single, “Caught in the Fire.“ The active rock anthem co-written by SUICIDE and ERIK RON (Godsmack, Panic At the Disco, Motionless in White, Black Veil Brides), pulls you in and takes you on an emotional ride full of guts, conviction, and a monster hook that cements itself into your brain! “Caught in the Fire” wasContinue reading “DAVEY SUICIDE Releases New Single, “Caught in the Fire”!”

OHP Releases BRUTAL Metal Cover of THE WEEKND Hit Single, “Blinding Lights”

Israel born and LA based heavy rock artist OHP (OREN HALMUT) has revealed his blistering cover of THE WEEKND massive, 2019 hit single, “Blinding Lights.” Shot, produced, directed and edited by the artist, “Blinding Lights” is just the starting point as the enigmatic artist reinterprets and reimagines major pop hit singles. “’Blinding Lights’ – It was high time toContinue reading “OHP Releases BRUTAL Metal Cover of THE WEEKND Hit Single, “Blinding Lights””