noaccordion x Aima the Dreamer deliver the unifying ‘Smile Revolution’

Known for amplifying extraordinary voices, Oakland-based producer and recording artist Onah Indigo aka noaccordion is a a multi-instrumentalist, who defies the limitations of genre. Her newest single ‘Smile Revolution’ follows this same recipe as the talented Aima the Dreamer joins with her spoken word lyricism. ‘Smile Revolution’ is an empowering collaborative piece that seeks toContinue reading “noaccordion x Aima the Dreamer deliver the unifying ‘Smile Revolution’”

Let Sanjay Michael take you ‘Rocking into Midnight’

Introducing Singapore Rock Singer Songwriter Sanjay Michael who is proudly carrying the torch of rock n’ roll and finding new ways to express it’s unrelenting, joyous energy to new audiences. Much like mainstay genres like metal and punk, Rock music is always alive in the hearts and minds of those who believe in its sacred lineage andContinue reading “Let Sanjay Michael take you ‘Rocking into Midnight’”

Feel all the feels with Blair West’s ‘Nostalgia’

“Nostalgia is painful that way” – wouldn’t you agree? If we were songwriters, that’s exactly how we’d phrase it. Thank goodness Blair West is here to express the feelings for us so we can sit down and make the most out of her new wonderful tune ‘Nostalgia’.  This track is a warm embrace with itsContinue reading “Feel all the feels with Blair West’s ‘Nostalgia’”

Italian indie duo ‘Trust the Mask’ share synthpop anthem ‘Will you come?’

Electronic female duo Trust the Mask have returned for 2023, with the intention to take it by storm. Having recently emerged onto the scene with two singles in both 2021 and 2022, equating to an exhilarating collection consisting of the bracing and pristine ‘Crisis’, the lusciously layered ’Opaque’, the undulating ‘Cloudy Again’ and the hypnotic,Continue reading “Italian indie duo ‘Trust the Mask’ share synthpop anthem ‘Will you come?’”

Lorelei Marcell & Hardcastle share acoustic version of recent single ‘Flashbacks’

Born outside of Philadelphia, Lorelei was brought up in a suburb of Boston and now resides in Los Angeles, CA. The young pop artist has not only gathered over a million cumulative streams independently but has also drawn the likes of GRAMMY® Award-nominated songwriter JHart [Justin Bieber, Keith Urban, Usher] to her corner. Off toContinue reading “Lorelei Marcell & Hardcastle share acoustic version of recent single ‘Flashbacks’”

Telling Secrets Back With Latest Single

Telling Secrets mastermind Vik Kovacs is a true global musician. Kovacs is the product of Eastern European blood and a British upbringing. Hailing from Manchester, England, but living in Los Angeles, Kovacs is releasing his brand of Emo tinged modern rock bangers under the name Telling Secrets for the past two years. In 2021, KovacsContinue reading “Telling Secrets Back With Latest Single”

BIRCHES close 2022 with uplifting new single ‘Be Unknown’ 

Introducing emo-indie band BIRCHES and their energetic new single ‘Be Unknown’. Recorded at ‘Start Together Studios’ in Belfast, ‘Be Unknown’ represents a noticeable step up in sound quality whilst remaining true to that passionate, edgy DIY sound that gives BIRCHES such heart and soul. With nods to Orla Gartland or early Foals, ‘Be Unknown’ embodiesContinue reading “BIRCHES close 2022 with uplifting new single ‘Be Unknown’ “

Ina Shai closes the year with new single ‘Touch’

Introducing Ina Shai and her sensual new single ‘Touch’. ‘Touch’ was penned several years ago with Dutch songwriter and producer Martyn Ell (Spinnin’ Records, Sony music, Warner), with the intention to pitch to Selena Gomez’s label, who at the time were looking for new songs for the singer. However after an impromptu performance at oneContinue reading “Ina Shai closes the year with new single ‘Touch’”

Introducing UNIITY

Heart Riot client, Electro punk musician UNIITY has released their newest single, the edgy, hip, and aggressive “One-Step (Closer To The Edge)”. Lyrically, UNIITY uses her experiences as an LGBTQ+, POC woman to craft an anthem of empowerment for those who have experienced abuse and racism in their daily lives. “One-Step (Closer to the Edge) is a glimpse of myContinue reading “Introducing UNIITY”