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Davey Suicide Releases “Imperfect” Music Video


Davey Suicide has released the official video for “Imperfect”.

‘Imperfect’ is that moment you realize it’s okay to let your guard down and let the world in.” – Davey Suicide


w/ Deadstar Assembly & The Funeral Portrait
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5/01 – BADA BREW – Crest Hill, IL – Get TIX
5/02 – 89TH STREET COLLECTIVE – Oklahoma City, OK – Get TIX
5/03 – SCOUT BAR – Houston, TX – Get TIX
5/04 – The RAIL CLUB – Ft. Worth, TX – Get TIX
5/06 – The DIRTY DOG – Austin, TX – Get TIX
5/07 – KOROVA – San Antonio, TX – Get TIX
5/09 – BLACK SHEEP – Colorado Springs, CO – Get TIX
5/11 – THE ROCK – Tucson, AZ – Get TIX
5/12 – PUB ROCK – Mesa, AZ – Get TIX
5/13 – CHAIN REACTION – Anaheim, CA – Get TIX
5/14 – BAR SINISTER – Hollywood, CA

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About Davey Suicide:

Fresh off of recording their upcoming third studio album, due out this summer, Davey Suicide has amassed a monster line up for the “Anti-System Revolution Tour.”  Davey Suicide has been captivating the underground by fusing arena rock, gutter grit, sleaze, and theatrics into their own brand of industrial rock. The band, which features Davey Suicide along with Drayven DavidsonNeedlzNiko Gemini, and Derek Obscura, distills heavy metal, industrial, and punk into anthems that are as corrosive as they are catchy. After spending the last 4 years extensively touring the US (as well as one tour of the UK), Davey Suicide is wrapping up their World Wide Suicide Tour cycle on the Juggalo Invasion Tour and the Anti-System Revolution Tour.

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Backwordz Releases “Statism” Music Video Featuring Craig Mabbitt Of Escape The Fate


Texas based Hip-Hop / Metal band Backwordz have released their “Statism” music video which features a guest perfomance from  Craig Mabbitt of Escape The Fate. The video was directed by Albert Gonzalez and shot in Houston, TX. “Statism” is the second single off of the band’s debut album, Veracity, which will be released this summer.

We spent the first year getting a name for ourselves and doing a ton of background work for this band. Now that all of that is out the way, we aren’t playing around. We gave our audience a jab with ‘Utopias Don’t Exist’ and now we are throwing straight haymakers. As far as lyrical content, Statism IS BackWordz and it sets the tone for what exactly this band stands for. Alex and I are hardcore libertarians and we want to spread the message of liberty within our music, as well as speak on the dangers of The State. It seems that so many people our age have been brainwashed into supporting government expansion; today’s music artists in general tend advocate for big government. We are that dissenting voice and we wanted to make it known with ‘Statism.’ The music video consists of us wearing the colors that represent different types of anarchy. The black and yellow being the most prominent, because we are for the most part anarcho-capitalists.

We want the state to be abolished, and we want you to know why. I think the coolest thing about us, is that Alex and I actually know what we’re are talking when it comes to economics and politics. This makes our lyrics far more in depth and thought provoking. We don’t just talk about it during election time, or highside on the internet to sound as if we are a lot smarter than what we are.. We actually live this. – Eric July (Backwordz)

Very grateful I was asked to contribute to such a great song, Backwordz is a breath of fresh air to me, hope everyone enjoys the track as much as I do and LISTENS cause Eric has got some shit to say!!! – Craig Mabbitt (Escape The Fate)

About Backwordz:

Though only releasing their first track in 2015, BackWordz hit the ground running. Consisting of experienced musicians who have been part of touring acts, the band wanted to make sure that there was to be no playing around. Fronted by Eric July, they have a unique and unmatched sound as they mix elements of hip hop, metal, and hardcore. Liberty minded and anti state, the band seeks to spread its message while simultaneously bringing you a sound that you have never heard before and will be impossible to imitate.

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Vo’Devil Stokes Announce New Album; Release “Banshee” Music Video


Russian alternative rock newcomers, Vo’Devil Stokes have announced their debut full length album Black Snake set to release on June 3rd. Forming in 2012, the band has been constantly evolving their sound and making a impact in the Russian scene by releasing a hit EP, Katharos in 2014 and sharing the stage with some of the biggest bands in the metal and rock world. With the big album announcement, Vo’Devil Stokes has released their brand new music video for the new single, “Banshee”.

Vocalist, Dallas Crowley writes, “We are very excited to be able to finally announce our debut full length “Black Snake”. We have put a lot of work in the this release and are very excited to see how fans respond. We wanted to give you all something early, so we are releasing our music video for our first single, ‘Banshee’. We hope you enjoy!”

Watch the new music video below.

About Vo’Devil Stokes:

Vo’Devil Stokes is alternative electronic rock band that was founded in 2012 in the frosty depths of Russia known as Siberia. The band have been constantly evolving their sound, going from Alternative Rock, Electronic, to a genre that cannot be described using the framework of the music industry.

2016 will bring the debut release for Vo’Devil Stokes, titled Black SnakeVo’Devil Stokes is Dallas Crowley on vocals, Alex Mallovsky on drums, Toli Modestov on guitar, Alex Radchenko on bass and Boris Plaksin on guitar.

Doesn’t matter what language or religion barrier is between us, we are no different from each other. We don’t want people to listen to lying politicians and their provocation, but instead, “We are all brothers and sisters. We need to form a union.”We all come from different places, ethnicities, religions but, “In our veins, all our blood is the same- it is all red.” Black Snake which will be dedicated to and honor the people in warring countries, much like the one that the members of Vo’ Devil Strokes were born and currently reside in.

The band has already performed with:
Emmure, Defiler, Bury Tomorrow, Wildways, Tasters, Upon This Dawning, The Browning, The Ocean, Rise Of The Northstar, War From A Harlots Mouth, Iwrestledabearonce, Devil Sold His Soul, Thy Art Is Murder and has toured with Architects. Lead vocalist Dallas Crowley was a session vocalist for Betraying The Martyrs.


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Crystal Lake Release Cover of “Wide Eyed” by The Ghost Inside


You have likely already heard about the horrific accident last November involving a bus carrying The Ghost Inside that left all of the band members in critical condition and tragically claiming the lives of two crew members. Today, Tokyo’s Crystal Lake has released a cover of The Ghost Inside’s “Wide Eyed” and will be donating all profits directly to the band to help support their medical expenses and recovery.

We had a chance to tour with The Ghost Inside in Japan three years ago,” says the band. “When we heard this news, we, like all of you, were so shocked and at a loss for words. We strongly felt that we must do something to help support The Ghost Inside, as a band and simply as their friends from the other side of the world.

The band continues in a statement to AP, “Through these tough times, The Ghost Inside has been posting heartfelt messages and photos of them in recovery, and witnessing their positive attitude and strength to recover has taught us what being a band is all about. ‘Wide Eyed’ is one of our favorite tracks from ‘Dear Youth’ and Vigil’s lyrics about how they must keep moving forward with strong will and faith, no matter how hard the situation is, was truly inspiring to us. It is an honor to have this opportunity to give our words and hearts as Crystal Lake. This song encouraged us when we needed to look up. We don’t know how helpful this can be, but we will be so happy if this project means something to The Ghost Inside. We gave our best shot to breathe our hope and emotion into this great song in Crystal Lake’s way, so we hope everyone who reads this will take a listen and help support The Ghost Inside during this time of need.

The song is available for purchase here and donations can be made directly at Crystal Lake’s latest album The Sign is available through Artery Recordings on iTunes.

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Matty Mullins Joins A Story Inspired on New Single “Overcome/Overthrow”


Buffalo, NY post-hardcore band A Story Inspired has teamed up with Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire to release the single “Overcome/Overthrow”. Mullins provided guest vocals on the track. It will be featured on the group’s upcoming sophomore EP later this fall. The track was produced by Andrew Baylis (My Enemies and IConditions).

As emerging artists it was surreal working with Matty Mullins,” says guitarist Ryan Ridley. “Knowing that we would be releasing a track featuring someone who has always been an inspiration to the band has been very exciting to us! His generosity and willingness to help us succeed in producing this single has been an awesome opportunity that we are extremely grateful for.

The lyric video was created by Brandon Pettit using various clips from ASI shows shot by Kelsey Traxler and John Quinn. The title of the bouncy, hard-hitting track refers to the band’s belief that no matter the obstacle, a person can always find the strength to face whatever comes their way and to never forget that you don’t have to face them alone.

Tour dates with I Set My Friends On Fire:

8/16/2016 @ The Rabbit Hole – Charllote North Carolina
8/17/2016 @ 1904 Music Hall – Jacksonville Florida
8/18/2016 @ O’Mally’s – Margate Florida
8/20/2016 @ Transition Art Gallery – Tampa Florida
8/21/2016 @ The Haven – Orlando Florida
8/22/2016 @ The Masquerade-HELL – Atalanta Georgia
8/23/2016 @ Club11 – Jefferson City Tennessee
8/24/2016 @ Double Happiness – Columbus Ohio

About A Story Inspired:
A Story Inspired is a Post-Hardcore/Metalcore band from Buffalo, NY which began forming in January 2015 and became established in February of 2015. Since ASI’s first show the band has grown rapidly after proving their dedication to their fan base, their live performance and towards making solid music for everyone to enjoy.

A Story Inspired was featured on Warped Tour 2015 on July 15th at the Darien Center in Buffalo, Ny along side bands such as Asking Alexandria, Pierce the Veil, Black Veil Brides, Memphis May Fire, Attila, August Burns Red and many more!

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Blaze Ya Dead Homie & Boondox Release “Who U Lookin’ 4” Music Video Featuring Jamie Madrox of Twiztid

Blaze Ya Dead Homie & Boondox have released a music video for their track “Who U Lookin’ 4” which features Jamie Madrox of Twiztid. The track comes from Blaze Ya Dead Homie’s new album “The Casket Factory” which was released on Majik Ninja Entertainment and is available now on iTunes.

Watch “Who U Lookin’ 4” Music Video Below:

Careful what you seek cause I keep my shovel close, and you may find more then you bargained for! – Blaze Ya Dead Homie

It was an honor as always to be a part of a Blaze record, and featured on the track Who U Lookin 4. An even bigger honor that that song was chosen to be made into a video. Hope folks dig the song, and hope they dig video just as much. – Boondox

I feel that Blaze has come a long way as an entertainer and an artist and it’s been an honor to be along on that very journey…. this album and song included.– Jamie Madrox

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Electro-Pop sibling duo The Old Adage have released their debut LP Cycles. Cycles is a true DIY release, produced/engineered at the band’s own studio, Little Butter Records, and released by the band themselves.

On the meaning of the album, the band said, “Cycles is what life means to us in a sense, because everything is a cycle. We are all in them. We are all going through similar re-occurring experiences, and are all in the cycle of whatever is happening here. We are so much more a like then not and we need to work together to progress. That is the truth.”


The Old Adage is a Brother & Sister duo founded in March of 2012, front by Mimi and Nino Chavez. They released their first demo The ‘T.O.A.D.’ in November of 2012. The TOAD consisted of acoustic rock original pieces. Again, the group would be evolving, this time to an “Electric feel” with synthesizer/drum machine based songs. Co-writers & Composers (Chavez’s), recorded, produced and mixed their first ‘Official’ release ‘MATCHES E.P.’ released August 1, 2014. The now “duo” released new single “Red” August 28, 2015. Recorded, produced, and mixed at their new (soon to be Public) Studio in Monroe, MI. “Little Butter Records”. The duo has toured Midwest U.S.A., played a number of concerts held in New York City, and have shared the stage with mention-able acts such as Hawthorne Heights, Vinyl Theatre, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, The Soil & the Sun, & Stepdad. Nearing 2016 the duo spent months at Little Butter Recording their Debut Album “Cycles”. The album consists of 10 Alt-Pop pieces the Chavez’s have also recorded, produced, and mixed, and was released April 01, 2016.

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