Review: Eddie and the Wolves – Bad Touch

Eddie And The Wolves are releasing their latest single, “Bad Touch” on the 28th of October and we managed to hear the song early! The track is a swagger filled radio-ready rocker that combines modern rock and nostalgia-fueled classic glitter and fuzz. The riff-heavy single kicks off with the full band going all in sonically;Continue reading “Review: Eddie and the Wolves – Bad Touch”

Review: Delta by the Beach

Delta By The Beach has released their latest single, which is also titled “Delta by the Beach”. Delta by the Beach plays original rocking, song-oriented juke joint music. The trio has been described as ‘Chuck Berry crossed with Muddy Waters’. You can hear “Delta by the Beach” on Spotify below: The self-titled single continues theContinue reading “Review: Delta by the Beach”

Review: Karen Harding – I’ve Got A Secret

Following the release of her first six singles, Karen Harding returns with the first single release and title track from her Upcoming EP, I’ve Got A Secret, written during the Melbourne, Australia Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns. We had the opportunity to hear the title track for the EP, and its pure longing bliss. The track opensContinue reading “Review: Karen Harding – I’ve Got A Secret”

Review: Mahamaya Experience – Saxy Sitar

“Saxy Sitar” is a new single from Mahamaya Experience. It is an instrumental song that effortlessly blends various genres of music, including jazz, rock and South Asian and South East Asian musical scales. music. The track is a exciting jaunt into a layered musical landscape, featuring the instruments mentioned in the title of the track,Continue reading “Review: Mahamaya Experience – Saxy Sitar”

A New Way to Live Forever “Monument” Review

From the southeastern coast, alternative pop-rock group A New Way To Live Forever blend nostalgia with modern tones in their third release, Monument. This EP starts off with “Fall or Fallow,” which carries a feel-good, carefree warmth, immediately exhibiting their musical capabilities. My personal favorite is their third track,“Not This Time,” which demonstrates their musicalContinue reading “A New Way to Live Forever “Monument” Review”

Color IMD Impress with Debut Album

COLOR IS MY DRUG. Once the dust has settled from the stampede of fans, racing for pole position at the front of the stage, the boys emerge dazzling us with their sounds of the summer and young love, projecting a musical visual of care free summer days in the sun, laced with music that paintsContinue reading “Color IMD Impress with Debut Album”

Ian Davis Reviews “In The Movies”, a Poem From Ryan Sagert’s Upcoming Book of Poetry.

In the Movies This very contemporary piece reflects the work of a great observationalist as they take you through the realms of their mind with bullet pointed views of what they see. As if only viewing this subject though a window and only getting half the story, they fall prey to the term. “Don’t judgeContinue reading “Ian Davis Reviews “In The Movies”, a Poem From Ryan Sagert’s Upcoming Book of Poetry.”


In Dynamics IN DYNAMICS ? They most certainly are, and going from strength to strength from previous projects, these guys are unstoppable . Their approach to their music is fast paced and punchy and certainly keeps you on your toes. After watching the video to ‘STAY’, i was immediately convinced that these guys will goContinue reading “IN DYNAMICS REVIEW”