Let Sanjay Michael take you ‘Rocking into Midnight’

Introducing Singapore Rock Singer Songwriter Sanjay Michael who is proudly carrying the torch of rock n’ roll and finding new ways to express it’s unrelenting, joyous energy to new audiences. Much like mainstay genres like metal and punk, Rock music is always alive in the hearts and minds of those who believe in its sacred lineage andContinue reading “Let Sanjay Michael take you ‘Rocking into Midnight’”

Forward thinking Cosmopolis share gutsy new single ‘Parasite’

Cosmopolis is a new kind of group: three musicians based around the world – in Belgium, Australia and England – making music together, sometimes physically and other times virtually. The music is recorded in multiple locations and is arranged, mixed and mastered in the cloud.  Now the Forward-thinking Post-Punk Art Rock collective cook a bitches brewContinue reading “Forward thinking Cosmopolis share gutsy new single ‘Parasite’”

Enigmatic Amen Sioux reveals the anthemic and edgy ‘useless’

Beginning with the anthemic ‘Useless’, Amen Sioux’s fourth offering on display, the punchy, gritty, in-your-face edginess is tangible and fresh throughout his newest amalgamation of indie electronica, dream pop and alternative RnB all twinged together with psychedelia. With Rock Star mysticism written all over him, his edgy aesthetic is incredibly alluring. Trickling down to hisContinue reading “Enigmatic Amen Sioux reveals the anthemic and edgy ‘useless’”

Introducing Chenél No.1

Johannesburg, South African alternative rock artist Chenél No.1 has released her latest single, “Save Me”. The track is an alternative rock song with driving guitars and emotive riffs that give it an edge of pain merged with a fierce vulnerability. Thematically, “Save Me” is a song about breaking through the darkness, having a hand reaching out, and being saved. “Save MeContinue reading “Introducing Chenél No.1”

Introducing Dearly Departed

Fargo, ND active rock band Dearly Departed has announced their new album, Heartless, to be released in October of this year. The band has previously released the singles “Hindsight” and “Quiet Echoes” as part of the album rollout, and what an album rollout it’s been! The band dropped “Hindsight” in December of 2020, right before Covid put everything on pause for the next twoContinue reading “Introducing Dearly Departed”

Introducing: Victoria Fire

Pittsburgh, PA hard rock band Victoria Fire has recently dropped their debut single. The track, “Fire” is a hard-driving modern rock track with blazing riffs and soaring vocals, courtesy of vocalist and frontwoman Kaitlyn Washko. Lyrically, the track was derived from Kaitlyn’s personal struggle with depression. “The song is about being in a state of shame and darkness, but ultimatelyContinue reading “Introducing: Victoria Fire”

Introducing To Kill A Monster

Columbus Ohio rock band To Kill A Monster has just dropped their latest song, “Whiskey”. The radio-ready single features some of the best songwriting the band has done to date and is sure to be an instant crowd pleaser. Hilariously, the track started out as more of a take on a country song, than an actual full-fledged idea. “Lyrically,Continue reading “Introducing To Kill A Monster”

Introducing Salvo

Birmingham, Alt rock band Salvo has just released their new album, The Traveler, on Asbestos Records. The 14-track album features the singles “Anything Can Happen Day“ and “Crime of the Century“. “It is an album that rocks and is filled with passion and love, and most members of the human race can happily enjoy it just on that level,” explains the band. “But theContinue reading “Introducing Salvo”

HUXLEY Releases Official Lyric Video for “Second Chances”!

New Jersey based, heavy rock band HUXLEY has released the official lyric video for “Second Chances,” With the lyric video created by *Scott Rudd Film, “Second Chances” showcases why they’re Jersey favorites with driving guitars, soaring vocals, and an addictive baseline that reminds listeners that rock is, in fact, no where near waning. “Second Chances is about notContinue reading “HUXLEY Releases Official Lyric Video for “Second Chances”!”

DAVEY SUICIDE Releases New Single, “Caught in the Fire”!

 Hollywood based, heavy rock outfit, DAVEY SUICIDE has unveiled their newest single, “Caught in the Fire.“ The active rock anthem co-written by SUICIDE and ERIK RON (Godsmack, Panic At the Disco, Motionless in White, Black Veil Brides), pulls you in and takes you on an emotional ride full of guts, conviction, and a monster hook that cements itself into your brain! “Caught in the Fire” wasContinue reading “DAVEY SUICIDE Releases New Single, “Caught in the Fire”!”