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SAVANT Returns to Lead Charting Position with Surprising New Album, ‘Jester’

Enigmatic electronic music scene iconoclast SAVANT is back in his chart topping element with the release of his hotly anticipated new album, Jester. Hitting #1 on iTunes Electronic Albums, Jester showcases that Savant’s 2 year hiatus only polished his incredible creative energy.

Surprise! The enigmatic electronic powerhouse known as Savant lives to fuck with us, and his newest album is sneaking in like none other! Have a slice of cake and revel in the party!Paste

JESTER Track List:
Once Upon A Time
The End

Stream / Download ‘Jester’ Online:
iTunes | Beatport | SoundCloud

“I believe people want listening music – even on the dancefloor!”

Aleksander Vinter, the Norwegian artist who in the last 7 years has released over 20 recordings under different project titles like Savant, Vinter In Hollywood, and Blanco to name a few, is best known dance-music culture’s most unpredictable, impossible-to-pigeonhole enigma. With releases as diverse as they are experimental, that reputation has remained constant and well earned throughout a madly prolific career spanning numerous singles, remixes, nominations for Norwegian Grammys, and 11 (!) full-length albums.

On the one hand, Savant deploys the kind of speaker-shredding bangers that have made him one of dance music’s most popular rising stars: his dynamic live set drives crowds at mega-festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival into abandon, yet Savant refuses to conform to EDM genre demarcations – or any, for that matter.

“‘Electronic Dance Music’ is the most generic term, which doesn’t apply to what I do,” Vinter explains of the sound he’s dubbed “complextro.” “It’s all about putting everything into one pot of musical ether. I don’t have a rigid formula; my music manages to be comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time. I like breaking rules – that’s where new stuff emerges.” Indeed, this is not your grandmother’s moombahton: 8-bit videogame soundtracks, trap, disco, house, electro, classical, ‘90s big-beat electronica – even ‘70s glam rock and ‘80s new wave finds its way into his sonic odysseys. “I like how a group like Queen is very theatrical and harmonized,” Vinter says. “That epic feeling, plus the style of David Bowie, and the spunk of Prince – that’s what I’m going for, but via dance music.

His fan base is as religious as his music is diverse. His live act is a live interactive set of music of his own creation, peppered with favorites, that never repeats from show to show. Each show it truly unique but tied together by his tendency to share his newest music with his fans. Savant wants to create the same feelings that early DJ’s would evoke on their dance floors, that feeling of discovery and seeding the question, “WHAT SONG WAS THAT!? I NEED TO HAVE IT.”

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Bubbles Erotica Release Official Video for “Cicada Arcade” off Upcoming, Self-Titled Debut Album

Chicago based, alternative rock band Bubbles Erotica has released the Official Music Video for “Cicada Arcade,” the lead single off of their debut, eponymous album, due out 5/9/2017. Originally premiered on, “Cicada Arcade” was directed by Ali Manesh at 3E Visuals.

“Cicada Arcade” speaks to the culture of social media we live in today. A lot of people talking and making noise, but not listening or paying attention to the world around them. It’s a very me-first frame of mind, with everyone believing that their ideas and opinions are more important than everyone else’s. Our animator, Ali at 3E Visuals took that idea further with his visual interpretation of our lyrics.Bubbles Erotica

it’s about wanting to get away from the constant noise and distractions that everyone is making in order to create and project their own false realities. And none of the false realities that are being thrown out there are original or unique, but are just based on recycled thoughts and beliefs that are being fed to them. Then the main character goes through a thought process that eventually ends up with him recognizing that he’s not any different and his own existence and reality is based on those very same noises an distractions. But as he’s coming to this realization, it’s too late as he’s actually fully immersed and drowning in the waste from his own false reality.Ali Manesh3E Visuals

Bubbles Erotica formed in 2010 when members Phillip Hasso, Bradley Springer, Michael Hasso, and Colin Stone came together to bring something new to the Rock genre. As you will hear in “Cicada Arcade”, Bubbles Erotica is doing exactly what they set out to do, unleashing a bold sound that is tastefully unique; leaving you with an insatiable craving for

Bubbles Erotica will be hosting a double release show with Killing Gods on May 6th at Bottom Lounge in Chicago. Click HERE for more information!

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EARBUTTER Taps Cutty Ranks to Release ‘Bone Crusher’ EP


Los Angeles, CA – Electronic Music Producer Earbutter has teamed up with internationally renown Jamaican dancehall musician Cutty Ranks to release his newest Trap/raggaflex fusion EP, Bone Crusher featuring remixes by Contrvbvnd and 6blocc. Check out the new single below and the Contrvbvnd Remix HERE.

Buy “Bone Crusher” on beatport!



Earbutter set the tone with his first dubstep release on UltraGore with WeBang. “All Up In That” which broke the Top 10 on Beatport within the first week of its release. In 2016 BWA and Kevin Gates commissioned Earbutter to officially remix his hit single “La Familia” from Kevin’s Islah album, which received support from many A List artists in the Hip Hop and EDM scene’s. (The Islah album eventually went platinum) Earbutter has kept his release schedule strong dropping records on Caps Lock Crew, Freakstep, Multikill (Top 5 Beatport release), featuring artists like Trick Daddy, Raekwon, Spragga Benz, Krs-1, Young Dro, Riot Ten, and Zardonic, to name a few. Future unsigned EP’s feature an array of up and coming EDM producers, platinum rap artists, and classic reggae mc’s.

Earbutter is a true blue blooded DJ that developed his turntablist techniques around Klever (Yelawolf’s DJ), Immortal (Scratch Miami), Shotgun (Goodie Mob), Lord (Public Enemy), and other champion DJs. As this skill matured, his talents led to wins and placements at battles including DMC, Guitar Center, DMA Magazine, Kool Mixx, Rane’s Drop The Needle on the Record; Earbutter is also the only DJ to win Club Lavela’s DJ Battle three years in a row. His unique sound, coupled with top shelf features, has filled a void in the EDM realm mixing turntablism, rap, and reggae with the trap, house, and dubstep genres.

Earbutter has shared the stage and toured with some of the largest names in commercial and underground music, as well as EDM artists in his seasoned career as a rapper, DJ, and producer. Earbutter has done many stateside and international tours in these respected genres under his current and previous aliases in places like Australia, Costa Rica, Europe, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, and many others. His live show can only be described as one of the most live combinations of live vocals, turntablism, and all original tracks selection from him self and other top artists from which he procures exclusive, unreleased content.

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Sam Ash Music Stores Now Carrying The Music Industry Self Help Guide

Sam Ash Music is now carrying The Music Industry Self Help Guide online and in limited stores.

Considered the Bible of Independent Artist Development, The Music Industry Self Help Guide was written by Author and Musician Mike Repel. Previously only available through mail order and small independent book stores, The Music Industry Self Help Guide will now be carried by Sam Ash Music Stores.

” What also sets this book apart from others like it is its emphasis on the DIY mindset. [The book] will open your eyes to a way of thinking that you could apply to every single aspect of your life beyond just that of a musician.”-Carlos Fournier Editor of The Music Industry Self Help Guide


No other book currently on the market covers such a wide range of topics dedicated solely to artists’ career self-development. In contrast to the cold encyclopedic reference style of other reference books, this 402-page book,which is now in its second edition, pulls no punches, delivering lessons in an honest, thought-provoking and direct style to help emerging artists navigate through the underground and independent sectors of the music industry. The updated edition boasts hundreds of topics across 34 insightful chapters, including a step-by-step guide on how to register an online copyright registration form.

The Music Industry Self Help Guide is now available online through Sam Ash and in stores in these cites, New York City, NY | Carle Place, NY | King of Prussia, PA | Ontario Mills, CA | Hollywood, CA | Torrance, CA | Clearwater, FL | Tampa, FL | Miami, FL | San Antonio, TX | New Haven, CT. You can read the first three chapters of the book HERE.

For More Info on The Music Industry Self Help Guide

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The Breaking Music Radio Show!

Breaking Music Magazine has teamed up with Abydos Records Radio and The Heart Riot Agency to bring you The Breaking Music Radio Show, hosted by Lance Waste ( Lead Singer of Darling Waste, founder of The Heart Riot Agency), the show is a weekly look at indie rock bands that are featured here on Breaking Music Magazine. Tune in every wednesday night at 8pm to discover your new favorite band!



Recently, Misery | Melody announced a new lineup after signing a label deal. We caught up with them to play ten questions:


BREAKING MUSIC MAGAZINE: Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us. A lot of changes are happening with the band right now. Tell us about the recent member changes and what that means for the band going forward?

Mysery | Melody: Well first off our original lineup of Myself “Christopher Norris” and Jeremy Ryzhevski is no longer. After Jeremy had quit we decided to take a different approach and bring in a drummer Kaleb Szabo and our new guitar player Justin Grossman along with myself and with that came a new line up and a easy decision to make the band a more in your face kind of emotional pop punk band compared to the original meaningful acoustic stuff so with that comes a complete change and a brighter future

BMM: You and Justin used to be in a band together before this correct? Tell us about that, the year apart and how this reunion happened?

M|M: Justin and I started our first band together when we were kids just starting out and didn’t really know what we were doing that didn’t last long until Justin started an acoustic side project called “Tomorrow’s dying heroes” it wasn’t long until I had joined and we started making noise. After getting a pretty decent local following things started falling apart we weren’t sure what we wanted at the time and with that we went separate ways I took the time to play in a punk band for a while called “Folly amain” and soon started an acoustic side project called Misery | Melody while we were apart we had a lot of time to hone our own skills and we have both improved drastically on our guitar/bass playing and our vocals it was a learning experience for us both and it was just a matter of time before we came back together

BMM: You are signed to a local record label, how did that come about?

M|M: While I was in Folly Amain and just starting Misery | Melody I met “Sleepy Eyes Productions” founder Joshua Austin at a show with Escape The Fate in which his band “Contacts & Confidence” had just performed after getting to know the band during the evening I was asked to join as a bass player after a while our schedules and distance was a burden so we mutually agreed I leave the band afterwards being asked to come sign with them came when Josh got to listen to some M|M demos and really digged the sound

BMM: Is there a release date for new music?

M|M: Nothing is set in stone yet with the lineup changes and the complete flip from acoustic to electric it could be a month it could be a few we don’t want to jump the gun on this one we just want to bring our emotions and stories to life in a beautiful way everyone can relate to and that can take some time. Until then the acoustic tunes are there so take a glimpse into what we used to be and look forward to what we have become

BMM: What’s your favorite memory so far of the band?

M|M: The shows are always the best for me but after suffering 3rd degree burns all over my body and spending a month in the hospital we performed with “New Years Day” just a week after I was discharged
I was weak, and I was fragile emotionally and physically but none the less we performed the crowd was beautiful an almost packed house and that night we were also featured in Substream Magazine definitely the best memory I have

BMM: What bands inspire you as a songwriter?

M|M: Me personally would be mayday parade, Escape the fate, go radio, and the dangerous summer
A few that I can all agree on would also be blink 182 and four year strong
For justin Beartooth really has inspired him not only just musically, lyrically, and vocally but energy as well. Other bands he draws inspirstion from would be brand new, the wonder years and bayside.

BMM: Norhteast Ohio has a pretty great local music scene. Are there any acts in your area you like to play with? Anyone you would like to play with?

M|M: We’ve been on the scene for years whether with Misery | Melody or our old bands and some bands I have been close to and always wanted to perform with would definitely be We Were Kids, Home For Fall

BMM: If you could curate a music festival, what would it be called and who would some of the headliners be?

M|M: I was thinking about this not to long ago and I don’t necessarily have an idea on a name but I’d definitely want bands I grew up on like sum 41, blink 182, greenday, and good charlotte

BMM: Where do you hope the music of Misery/ Melody goes in the future?

M|M: I believe that as long as we are happy and we are performing whether it’s on a huge tour or some local shows every weekend we will be more then happy. In the future I hope to just always make meaningful music and always have a crowd full of fucked up kids who can relate to it no matter where we go
Justin stated
I want to see it last a very long time. I’m very grateful they brought me on board. I want to see it as a house

BMM: Where can people find you guys online?

M|M: We have several social media pages
Twitter @ miserylmelody
Instagram @Miserylmelody

And some old acoustic demos on our bandcamp