Introducing Stay Loud

Wilkes-Barre, PA punk rock band Stay Loud has just released their latest album, Sophomore Slump. The 15-track album features the lead single “Wow! That’s A Low Price” as well as follow-up singles “Justene is an Ugly Name” and the self-titled single “Sophomore Slump”. The album was recorded at Novro Studios and mixed/mastered by Eric Novroski. “We really hope everyone has somethingContinue reading “Introducing Stay Loud”

Introducing: Half Heard Voices

Half Heard Voices is an American progressive metal band founded in Frederick, Maryland. The group’s sonics treat the user to a myriad of ambient guitar harmonies and clean vocals, then quickly transition into a barrage of riff-driven discord. Originated in 2019, the group comprises of new singer Alex Conner, guitarists Dillon Baird and Jeremy Sabine, bassistContinue reading “Introducing: Half Heard Voices”


LA-based artist PluggdUpShawty has merged her hip-hop influence with a heavier sound on her new single “Inner Demon.” The hard rock-leaning track was produced by Shayley Bourget of Dayshell and ex-Of Mice & Men. “Inner Demon” is a track about letting internal darkness takeover.  “When you become so consumed with materialistic satisfaction you slowly startContinue reading “PLUGGDUPSHAWTY RELEASES “INNER DEMON” PRODUCED BY SHAYLEY BOURGET (DAYSHELL, EX-OF MICE & MEN)”

Redhanded explode with momentous debut album ‘Retrograde’

4 piece, London based alternative Rock band Redhanded have released their debut album, the explosive ‘Retrograde’. Bursting with attitude ‘Retrograde’ features a glorious array of dynamic drumming, sensual bass, undulating guitar and slick, husky vocals that command attention. A debut worthy of remembrance ‘Retrograde’ is undoubtedly the full package delivering the entirety of the RockContinue reading “Redhanded explode with momentous debut album ‘Retrograde’”

Introducing: Home Invasion

Home Invasion is an atmospheric blackened blues duo from North Dakota. Combining elements of post-rock, country, black metal, and spoken word, the band tells the harrowing story of the events that took place on the night of December 5th, 1986. Through rabbit hole loops and unsettling aesthetics, Home Invasion’s live installments create an environment that canContinue reading “Introducing: Home Invasion”

Lia Hide Sends An Invitation To “Dinner” With New Single & Video

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 7, 2022 – Dark Pop artist Lia Hide returns with her new single, “Dinner” taken from the upcoming, fourth studio album, The Missing Fourth Guest. The follow-up to the first single, “Proposal”, “Dinner” continues where Lia left off, giving another exciting insight into the upcoming album. “It’s an invitation to dinner , so we can mendContinue reading “Lia Hide Sends An Invitation To “Dinner” With New Single & Video”

Introducing: Asava

ASAVA is an alternative rock band formed in 2017 in Canton, Ohio. ASAVA delivers melodic and groove-driven riffs glued to a dynamic rhythm section coloring a soundscape fronted with powerful and introspective vocal delivery. Songs range in scope and weight from tantric space-tarantula warfare to the calming buzz of the sub in a 1999 Civic,Continue reading “Introducing: Asava”

Introducing: Ross Rocco

California singer, songwriter and producer Ross Rocco has just dropped his latest single “Speak Easy”. The song features writing and production from Jon Romero and vocals from Gabe Reasoner. While Rocco typically creates in the darker side of the pop genre, this release shows his musical flexibility and his ability to bend without drifting too farContinue reading “Introducing: Ross Rocco”

Introducing: OVERCOAST

Northwestern Indiana punk/alt-rock band Overcoast has released their newest single,“Don’t Fall Apart,” off their upcoming album slated to be released later this year. The track stays true to the bands’ pop-punk roots, down to the crunchy guitar riffs, distinct vocal delivery, and “whoa-oa” choruses reminiscent of influences like MXPX and Green Day. The band’s outlook, both lyrically and otherwise, also tread familiar territory for fansContinue reading “Introducing: OVERCOAST”

Greek Dark Pop Artist LIA HIDE Unveils “Proposal” Video/Single From New Album, ‘The Missing Fourth Guest’. 

For Immediate Release: March 4, 2022 – Greek dark pop artist LIA HIDE has recently unveiled the first single from their new album, ‘The Missing Fourth Guest’. “Proposal”, the song: The “Proposal” is an invitation to a debate, a dispute, a symposium, where the three people involved are discussing the ideas that puzzle them throughoutContinue reading “Greek Dark Pop Artist LIA HIDE Unveils “Proposal” Video/Single From New Album, ‘The Missing Fourth Guest’. “