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SHARONE Releases Official Lyric Video for “Closer to Love”!


Denver, CO based dark rock artist SHARONE has released the official lyric video for “Closer to Love,” the third single off of her upcoming LP, Reflection, due out December 7, 2019.


“This is my favorite song off of Reflection. It starts slow but just keeps building, so give it a chance. It’s a love song, but not one of those mushy gushy love songs. It’s honest. It has a really fun and dancey chorus and it just makes me smile. I present to you, ‘Closer To Love’”. Enjoy! – Sharone



Track List:
1. Unspoken
2. Cold
3. Poisonous
4. Turn Back Time
5. Marionette
6. White Witch
7. Shatter
8. Filling The Void
9. Closer To Love
10. Final Reflection

DSC 0624

Channeling chaos into art, Sharone erupted onto the Denver music scene as a solo artist in 2014 playing local DIY venues; since then she has gone on to play venues such as Marquis TheaterBluebird Theater, and Gothic Theater, playing festivals, and opening for bands such as One-Eyed-DollThe Birthday MassacreFuelSaving AbelDavey SuicideTantricHell’s Belles, and Stitched Up Heart. The atmospheric and melodramatic music of Evanescence and the psychedelic blues of Black Sabbath inspired Sharone to start performing her music live, and to eventually release her 2017 demo album, Storm.

Despite sustaining a dark and nearly melancholy tone on recordings, the gothic artist’s live shows are nothing short of energetic, full of heavy piano riffs, pulsing rhythms, and enthralling theatrics. From emerging from a coffin to jumping off of monitors and captivating contortions, Sharone captures the interest of each audience member through her piercing stage chemistry with her live musicians, and her ever-growing theatrics.

In the spring of 2017, the singer left her mark on the Denver music scene with the release of her first rock album Storm. Following the release, underwent a complete lineup change in her band, and came back stronger than ever with the reincarnation of her dark sound: Enchiridion of Nightmares (2018).

“Like a series of dark fairy tales, Enchiridion of Nightmares the new album from dark [rocker] Sharone, captivates, seduces, and haunts. Each of its notes, let alone songs, comes with a shadow to [her] beauty, melancholy to [her] light, and intimacy to [her] grandeur with it all colluding in an adventure which just steals the imagination from everyday reality.

There is a rich cinematic and theatre-esque feel to Enchiridion of Nightmares which equally adds to its captivation; indeed its songs entwine an influence of horror movies, vintage and modern, into their personal nightmares. With just as richly layered and dramatic sounds to its exploration, the album is a persistent unveiling of new twists and shadows listen by listen. On our first meeting intrigue soaked the pleasure, through a couple more captivation, each subsequent listen leading to the inescapable bewitchment these words spring from.”
The Ringmaster Review

Sharone followed up the release with three exhilarating summer and fall tours, reaching audiences across the western, central, and eastern United States, and is currently working on her third studio album. This unique rock artist is destined for success in the metal and goth rock realm.

Sharone’s third studio album, ‘Reflection’, is due out December 7th, 2019.


DIGITAL BRAINS Release Official Lyric Video for “The Itch”


Nashville based Punk / Metal Band DIGITAL BRAINS has released the lyric video for their new single, “The Itch,” out now via Go Long Entertainment.


“We won’t say who this happened to, but, we all like the bad girls. Face it, they’re fun. Girls, you like the bad guys too. You know, when there’s that person you know is no good for you, but it’s so right….at least the sex is anyway? So right, you get “The Itch” to go back, even when you know you shouldn’t because you’re addicted to them. You get “The Itch” to go back, because something about the way the treat you like shit keeps you hooked. Unfortunately, sometimes the bad girls (or boys) give you more than you bargained for. When “The Itch” sends you to the doctor, well, its a bitch.” – ADAM SHOENFELD (Vocals)

Download / Stream “The Itch” Online:


Promo 2

Digital Brains is a rock band based in Nashville, TN. An original blend of Punk, Metal, and Rock.

Drummer Corey Boise is a wild man, he brings a power and punk attitude to the stage that is infectious.

Bassist Danny Faillo lays down solid, melodic groove that is no doubt a product of his Chicago musical bloodline.

Singer and guitarist Adam Shoenfeld throws down Green Day-esque tones, scorching leads, and sings memorable, melodic, and emotional lyric.
Separately, the trio has traveled the world and made their musical mark.

Together, they are a musical force to be reckoned with.




Lead guitarist and singer of Digital Brains is also part of the 70’s Rock inspired duo SunKat.

Sunkat’s song, Tom Petty, made it’s satellite radio debut on Steve Ferrone’s (of The HeartbreakersThe New Guy Show, on Tom Petty Radio Sirius XM and continues to pile up streams.

As a sideman, Adam has played guitar on over 30 Billboard #1 songs. Few people have had as big of a behind-the-scenes impact on modern country music as guitarist, songwriter and producer Adam Shoenfeld.

With the crunchy, loud and proud opening notes of his lead guitar on Big & Rich’s “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy),” and the edgy, aggressive tone heard on Jason Aldean’s breakout smash “Hicktown,” Shoenfeld blazed a trail for a wave of hard-rock influenced country that changed the genre forever — and he hasn’t looked back since.

Born in Huntington, New York, and raised in New Jersey with a love of jazz, blues, rock and heavy metal, Shoenfeld came to Nashville at the age of 19 and began working as an in-house musician at Woodland Studios. There he met “Big Kenny” Alphin and later John Rich, going on to became a member of the infamous music-and-art collective known as the MuzikMafia and Rich’s go-to studio guitarist, laying down demos for soon-to-be groundbreaking songs like Gretchen Wilson’s “Redneck Woman.”

With the formation of Big & Rich in 2003, Shoenfeld was invited to play guitar on the duo’s debut album, Horse of a Different Color, including the multi-platinum single “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy).” The song ditched familiar country sounds in favor of Shoenfeld’s brash, live-oriented feel, and helped open the floodgates in country’s new era of crossover success. He has since played on every Big & Rich album, and toured with the group from 2005-2007 and 2009.

Around the same time Big & Rich was getting started, Shoenfeld became member of Jason Aldean’s showcase band hoping to score the rock-loving Georgia native a record deal. Once Aldean was signed, Shoenfeld stayed on to develop the superstar’s muscular sound and provided the chugging, down-and-dirty lead on Aldean’s debut single “Hicktown,” which went on to become a Top 10 hit and earn platinum sales status. Shoenfeld has been featured on every subsequent Aldean release.

Following the success of Big & Rich and Aldean, Shoenfeld’s unique sound made him an in-demand studio guitarist, and he has now been included on over 200 albums including titles by Luke BryanKeith UrbanSteven TylerBlake SheltonFlorida Georgia LineJake OwenThomas RhettAlabamaTim McGrawLee BriceRascal Flatts, and many more. His work has led to nominations for the Academy of Country Music’s Guitarist of the Year award in 2011, 2012 and 2015, as well as numerous first round nominations for CMA Awards Musician of the Year award.

As a songwriter, Shoenfeld was awarded SESAC’s Song of the Year honor for Faith Hill’s “Mississippi Girl” in 2005, and he is also the co-writer of Big & Rich’s “Real World, “High Five,” “When the Devil Gets the Best of Me” and “M-E-D-E-L-Y of the Hillbilly Jedi,” plus Aldean’s “Laid Back.”

As a producer, he has guided projects for John Rich (Rich Rocks), Sarah Darling (Angels & Devils), Kelsey Harmon (One Big Favor), luvjOi (Volume 2) and more.

In 2012, Shoenfeld joined Tim McGraw’s touring band and currently travels with the group when he is not in the studio.



AUTOPILOT Release Official Music Video for “Modern Age”


Canadian Alternative Rock Band AUTOPILOT has released the official music video for “Modern Age,” the opening track off of their recently released LP, Afterglow.

“’Modern Age’ was directed by New York City based director, Kevin Van Witt. Filmed on the Lower East Side and Long Island’s Gold Coast, it captures the chaos of this new technological world we have built and the freedom that we once had in childhood. Starring young actor, Dylan, the ‘Modern Age’ video takes us through a psychedelic adventure of realities that we have created in the Modern Age.” – MARLON HARDER


“The opening track “Modern Age” instantly transports you to a different time where music was simpler along with life itself…you could instantly hear that this ten track album will be full of musicianship and passion that some other bands in this genre tend to avoid and ignore. Singer Marlon Harder’s voice wastes no time and brings a sense of comfort.” Girl at the Rock Shows

“Autopilot’s highly anticipated new record Afterglow, their most impressive and accessible record to date, produced by legendary Saskatchewan producer, S.J. Kardash, and backed by their most ambitious marketing campaign yet, finds the band reaching for bigger sounds, bigger ideas, and much bigger audiences.” – Top40-Charts

Album Art

Track List
1. Modern Age
2. Weightless
3. Undisguised
4. Living Dead
5. Afterglow
6. Without a Dream
7. Domino
8. Poison Pills
9. Hurricane
10. Crooked Lines

Click to Download / Stream ‘Afterglow’ Online

tour dates 2

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band photo square

Over the last few years, Canadian alternative rock band Autopilot has become a staple in the Saskatoon indie music scene. Known for their thoughtful lyrics, powerful hooks, dynamic stage show, and obsessive hard work, they somehow seem to effortlessly walk the line between passionate art and massive appeal. Over the course of 3 full-length records, and one EP, they’ve become road warriors, touring relentlessly across Canada and the US. They’ve been praised for their tireless work ethic by publications like Canadian Musician Magazine, who called them “quite possibly one of the hardest working bands in the country.”

Autopilot’s highly anticipated new record Afterglow, their most impressive and accessible record to date, produced by legendary Saskatchewan producer, S.J. Kardash, and backed by their most ambitious marketing campaign yet, finds the band reaching for bigger sounds, bigger ideas, and much bigger audiences. The release of their new single “Undisguised” following the success of preceding singles “Living Dead” and “Weightless”, is proof positive of this growing momentum.

Marlon Harder, the driving creative force behind Autopilot, has a knack for finding beauty in simple moments, and hope in the challenges life tends to bring. Inspired by the early writing of Modest Mouse, he seemed to know very quickly what he wanted to do in life. After the release and College radio buzz of their first record Now It’s Time You Know What We’re Losing For, unexpected illness struck, effectively putting the band on the back burner for the foreseeable future. But he never quit writing. Health improved, lineups changed, and in 2013 they teamed up with S.J. Kardash for the release of Diamond Rough, a sophomore full-length forged in the fires of struggle, faith, and growing maturity. The record widely expanded their media exposure across North America; in print, online, commercial rock radio, CBC, podcasts, and through licensing placement on major US television networks.

Their 2015 release, Desert Dreams, reunited the band with Kardash, and represented a significant leap forward in both the ever expanding sound, and rapidly growing fan base the band had built strongly upon with 2013’s Diamond Rough. Along with debuting on Earshot’s Top 50 chart, Desert Dreams received heavy rotation on The VergeSirius XM’s Iceberg Radio, and garnered the attention of New York’s prestigious CMJ; while securing the band showcases at Toronto’s CMW and Indie Week festivals, AYE Fest in Cincinnati, Fairfield Revival Festival in Minnesota, and opening doors to tour extensively in the United States.

Autopilot has always been a dedicated touring band. In support of Diamond RoughDesert Dreams, and the 2017 release of the single “Hurricane” / “Crooked Lines”, the band spent countless months on the road touring across Canada and the United States. These tours have included stops at Jersey Shore FestivalMillennium Music Conference in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and a mainstage performance at Mesa Music Festival in Arizona supporting hard rock legends P.O.D. October 2018 marked the release of Afterglow, which chartered in the top 200 on the NACC North American College Charts as well as specialty radio in the US.

The future is truly wide open for Autopilot. Everything they’ve learned is on the table for 2019 while they continue to promote the release of Afterglow. They are casting their net wider, and going all in. Never content to sit still or play it safe, they’ve crafted a remarkable live show, and plan on spending as much time over the next year as possible, getting the new songs in front of as many new fans as they possibly can.

band photo horizontal


NEAL & MICHAELE SCHON Hold Celebration of Life for ROSEMARY HOLT with Stunning Tribute

IMG 3917

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IMG 2935

Flower Arrangements Donated to MARINE CORPS BALL and Local Philanthropic Organization

November 11, 2019 – In tribute to a life lived in service and philanthropy, NEAL and MICHAELE SCHON celebrated her mother, ROSEMARY HOLT, with a stunning service at New York’s legendary St. Patrick’s Cathedral.


The massive floral collection, including a spectacular wall of ivory roses, were donated to the Marine Corps. Ball and Petals For Goodness Sake. The latter organization used the flowers to create around small arrangements that were distributed to area hospice patients, the VA hospital, and various assisted living facilities.


Commemoration to Rosemary Holt:

Rosemary Ann O’Malley Holt (Age 91) of Reston, Virginia, passed away in Fairfax County on Saturday, October 5, 2019. She was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, to the late John Joseph O’Malley and Mary Alice O’ Malley on October 8, 1927, and was only three days from her 92nd birthday at the time she entered Heaven’s gates.

Rosemary was a loving, kind, caring, devoted, and dedicated mother, first and foremost. She treasured her children, exuded love, happiness, warmth and compassion.

Rosemary embraced every moment with those she loved dearly. She was extremely intelligent, witty, loving, kind, articulate, and was blessed with a bubbly personality that always made people around her smile. Rosemary made friends everywhere she went and was beloved for her kindness and compassion. She was a living example of the Bible verse, Ephesians 4:32 – “And be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving one another, just as God also forgave you in Christ.”

Her compassion for others was not only felt amongst her family and those close to Rosemary, but by so many people loved and supported by her work as The North East President Chapter with the National Alliance for Mental Health (NAMI). Her important work while working in Pennsylvania, Washington, DC, Virginia for NAMI, helped the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization continue to build better lives for the many millions of Americans affected by mental illness.

IMG 3913

Rosemary is predeceased by her late husband Howard A. Holt, Jr. and, survived by her daughter Michaele Ann Schon and her husband, Neal Joseph Schon, her son, Glen W. Holt, son, Howard A. Holt, III and her daughter Mary D. Holt. Together with them and her grandchildren and her nephews and nieces,

The family wishes to thank all of those who cared for Rosemary and made her life as happy, comfortable and meaningful with dignity, during her fruitful journey with us.

Rosemary’s life will be celebrated in a Mass to be held at the Cathedral of St. Peter, 315 Wyoming Avenue, Scranton, PA 18503, on Friday, November 8, 2019, at 9:30 a.m. Inurnment will be private at the Cathedral Cemetery in the O’Malley Family Plot.

Celebration of Rosemary’s Life Memorial at Radisson Lackawanna Station Scranton, 700 Lackawanna Ave., Scranton, PA 18503 immediately following Mass

Flowers, donations are respectfully directed to The Cathedral of Saint Peter, and or NAMI, National Alliance for Mental Health.

Rosemary’s Spirit lives on in all of Us.




tundrapromo portraitSMALL

Dark Tribal Folk Metal duo BOREAL HYMN has released their debut, 4 track demo entitled “Tundra.”


TUNDRA is the culmination of a lot of experimentation and trial and error. We knew what we wanted BOREAL HYMN to feel like, but the tough part was writing a piece of music that embodied that feeling. After chipping away at the demo for several months, I feel like we’ve landed on something that expresses exactly what we wanted to express. We want a sound that is both ancient and relevant. It isn’t about role playing or pretending to live in the iron age; it’s about unearthing traditions, feelings, and philosophies that we feel are undervalued in modern life.” – Colby Hink


Track List:
1. Labrynthian Graves
2. Glimmer In The Umbra
3. Banner Of Grief
4. Defiance Against The Breath Of Gods

Download / Stream TUNDRA Online


JENNY TEATOR Releases Official Music Video for “Daughter of the Devil”!

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Soulful Blues / Rock / Pop Singer / Songwriter JENNY TEATOR has released the official music video for her latest single, “Daughter of the Devil.” Originally premiered on VENTS MAGAZINE, “Daughter of the Devil” was directed by Jim Foster.

“Daughter of the Devil” was produced by OH NO! ØKTAPUS at Red 13 Studios


“Daughter of the Devil’ came to be one of those songs where you just feel good jamming out to it and screaming the chorus in your car. I wanted to write a song with a badass vibe,rockin’ guitar parts, and the gang vocal hook to get you singing along. There’s no deep meaning to it, we wanted to create a fictional story of a girl who was raised by the devil (the bad guy) who turned out to be sultry, man teasing, people-pleasing devil blooded woman in disguise. Truth be told though, I really am and will be a daddy’s girl till the day I die.” – Jenny Teator

Download / Stream “Daughter of the Devil” Online


Jenny Teator DOD Promo Photo

Jenny Teator is a St. Louis native who’s made her move to Nashville sharing her soul through her guitar and vocals. Jenny is a nationally-touring & recording artist who’s performed at notable venues and festivals such as: Old Rock House (St. Louis, MO), The Viper Room (Los Angeles, CA), Main-stage at the 2018 Venice Blues Fest (Venice, FL), The Bluebird Cafe (Nashville,TN), Exit-In (Nashville, TN), and many more. She released her debut single, “Surrender,” which has surpassed 100,000+ streams on Spotify. The single has received reviews world-wide – Aarik Danielson (Columbia Tribune) says “..think the Black Keys meets Demi Lovato – Teator keeps her versatile voice in a soulful middle register, delivering her lyrics with a surprising mix of blush, breathlessness, and bravado.” Inspired by singers Grace Potter and Susan Tedeschi, Teator has a very straight forward lyrical style and the music follows the feelings of those words verbatim.



Reduced Album Art

BLACKTOP MOJO premiere today the second video from their Under the Sun record, “Come Get Your Coat”. This follows the video for the debut single from Under the Sun, “Can’t Sleep,” which was released in June and peaked at #28 on the Mediabase Active Rock Chart.

The circus themed video for “Come Get Your Coat” was directed by Dustin Dow and filmed in the band’s hometown of Palestine, TX.

Blacktop Mojo are currently on a national tour along with Otherwise, Lullwater, and Kirra. The dates run through November 27th. Immediately following this run, the band will carry on alone for an additional 10 shows ending in Naples, FL on December 13th. The band will continue to tour throughout 2020.

The link for “Come Get Your Coat” is:

Get Your Coat

With Otherwise, Lullwater, and Kirra:
11/08 @ Machine Shop – Flint, MI
11/09 @ Crusens Farmington Road – West Peoria, IL
11/10 @ The Stache – Grand Rapids, MI
11/12 @ Zanzabar – Louisville, KY
11/13 @ Guitars Rock N Country Bar – Joplin, MO
11/15 @ Winchester – Lakewood, OH
11/16 @ Lost Horizon – Syracuse, NY
11/17 @ Webster Underground -Hartford, CT
11/20 @ St Vitus – Brooklyn, NY
11/21 @ House of Independents – Asbury Park, NJ
11/22 @ The Lizard Lounge – Lancaster, PA
11/23 @ Blind Tiger – Greensboro, NC
11/24 @ Canal Club – Richmond, VA
11/26 @ Masquerade (Purgatory) – Atlanta, GA
11/27 @ Amos’ Southend – Charlotte, NC

Blacktop Mojo Headline Shows:
11/26 @ Thompson House – Newport, KY
11/30 @ Civic Music Hall- Toledo, OH
12/01 @ Songbyrd – Washington DC
12/03 @ Alchemy – Providence, RI
12/05 @ Granite State Music Hall – Laconia, NH
12/06 @ Wally’s – Hampton Beach, NH
12/08 @ Thunderbird Music Hall – Pittsburgh, PA
12/10 @ Capone’s – Johnson City, TN
12/11 @ Ground Zero – Spartanburg, SC
12/13 @ South Street – Naples, FL

Click for Additional Dates, VIP, & Ticketing Information

Reduced Album Art

Track List:
1. Lay It on Me
2. Set It Free
3. Come Get Your Coat
4. Keep
5. It Won’t Last
6. All Mine Now
7. Can’t Sleep
8. The Lashing (Ghost)
9. The Void
10. Under the Sun

Click Download / Stream ‘Under the Sun’ Online

BTM HOB DFW CB-8974 edit