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    • Sue Stephenson
    • August 23rd, 2011

    I am wondering if you would be interested in an article on The Blockheads. This incredible collection of musicians were once Ian Dury’s backing band but now tour in their own right and 2012 sees their 35th year. It would also have been Ian Dury’s 70th birthday on 2012 so this feature would fulfil both criteria.

    There is still an incredible interest in The Blockheads and they perhaps have worked more since Ian’s death than before. The proposed feature would be a celebration of the band today. There would be brief mentions of the past incarnations (Kilburn and The High roads, Ian’s Music Students, Apples, various band members’ stories in brief), the formation of the band, their upsets, gaps, coming back together and today’s concerts. Guest singers, Derek (their singer who carried on from Ian, his relationship with Ian and how it was so different from others.

    I can give quotes from band members, observations on individuals recently met, I can blow apart some of the legends like Davey being abrasive. I can give quotes from conversations, snippets of information and an overview of some recent gigs. The Blockhead Experience – where the band chat before and after a small, special gig at Monto Water Rats. I have support from the band, fans and can get lots of information. I could approach the feature from any angle you would like for your readers. I can provide links too if required.

    I think there is a real market for an article like this, as there are many Blockhead fans out there and even after Ian’s death, the band are still going strong – and sound great!

    I have written for The Lady before and have had 3 books and many many article published. I hope you like the idea and look forward to hearing from you.

    I have also written a 1500 word piece on bands from the 70s and 80s who have reformed – lots of names and it discusses age, why the comebacks and more


    Susan Stephenson

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