Italian cyber pop duo Trust the Mask share new synth single ‘Our Fault’

Trust the Mask return with ‘Our Fault’, the fluorescent new addition to the triple threat, the distinctive, galactic alt pop ‘Will you come?’ and the glitch infused, futuristic cyber-pop single ‘Otaku’. The Italian based experimental electronic super duo arrived in an all encompassing, enigmatic, mask wearing whirlpool this 2023, engulfing all who dare to enterContinue reading “Italian cyber pop duo Trust the Mask share new synth single ‘Our Fault’”

CHEER UP DUSTY Releases Video For New Single “LEGACY”

Philadelphia, PA four-piece Alt-Rock band Cheer Up Dusty has released their newest single, the slick up-tempo Legacy. Combining spacious vocals with superb pop-punk sensibilities, Legacy is the heavy hitting leadoff single off the band’s upcoming EP. “Legacy is our first single off our new EP and the first song we filmed a music video for. While it was beingContinue reading “CHEER UP DUSTY Releases Video For New Single “LEGACY””

Das Wortspiel share incredible debut album ‘Chapter I’

Maryana Golovko (singer, soloist of the NOVA OPERA formation) and Max Smogol (sound producer, film composer, multi-instrumentalist) presented their new music project called Das Wortspiel with their debut album ‘Chapter I’. The project’s name translates from German as «wordplay». Created in 2022 during Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, ‘Chapter I’ includes the musicians’ reflections onContinue reading “Das Wortspiel share incredible debut album ‘Chapter I’”

MESSMAKER Covers 1970s “Dancing In The Moonlight”

Cleveland Alternative pop-rock darlings MESSMAKER have taken a break from their relentless show schedule and anthemic single dropping to drop a silky smooth, shimmering cover of King Harvest’s 1970s smash hit “Dancing In The Moonlight”.  The song has been a recent staple of the duo’s live performances, so the natural next step would be to record their freshContinue reading “MESSMAKER Covers 1970s “Dancing In The Moonlight””

LIVES LOST Releases Concept EP

Hershey, PA alternative post-hardcore act Lives Lost has released its latest EP, the five-song A Portrait Of Loss. The EP, out now on DI RECORDS, was conceived as a concept album by the band about the stages of grief.About the album,Guitarist Aaron Perry says “The music speaks to struggles of mental health, abandonment, losing loved ones, and more.” DrummerContinue reading “LIVES LOST Releases Concept EP”

Introducing Lasciaté

Hershey, Pa – Alt-Metal band Lasciaté has released the video for their newest single, “IED”, their first release since reforming earlier this year. The modern rock radio-ready single combines crunching riffs and slick production with alternating soaring melodic and guttural scream vocals. About the song, the band says “We wrote this song during the presidential election of 2020,Continue reading “Introducing Lasciaté”

Introducing Embers

Alternative Emo artist Embers has released his new EP, EMO SZN. The EP was written over the course of COVID, as Embers found himself dealing with the same mental health issues many of us had during lockdown. “I recorded EMO SZN over the course of a few months in my home studio when COVID had hit its peak,” explains Embers. “HavingContinue reading “Introducing Embers”

Introducing Minimum Champion

minimum champion has released their newest single, the radio-ready indie alt-rock track “Strangers”. The track is a strong debut for minimum champion, which is the solo project of STFLR frontman Nick Lopardo. Along with the single, minimum champion has also announced a debut EP, titled The Follower, out October 7th. Of the track, the band says “ThisContinue reading “Introducing Minimum Champion”

Introducing Giant Fetus

Myrtle Beach, SC alternative rapper Giant Fetus has released his newest single, “Penis Envy”. The track is an indie alternative hip hop track perfect for Tyler, the Creator, or Denzel Curry fans. Of the song, Giant Fetus says “Penis Envy is a Freudian theory about the desire for the castration of a male due to anContinue reading “Introducing Giant Fetus”

Introducing Kanashii

Lexington, KY alternative shoegaze band Kanashii has released their newest single, the description “Nevermind”. The track is out on Cardigan Records and is a fuzzy, spaced-out midtempo rocker that feels equally at home next to 90s era grunge acts like Nirvana as it does with newer shoegaze acts such as Nothing. Lyrically, the song isContinue reading “Introducing Kanashii”