PELUSSJE Team With Eddie Lemonier on Fusion Single “Bombay”

Italian masked duo PELUSSJE have returned, this time teaming with talented New York city base singer Eddie Lemonier for “Bombay”, out now via EGO Music, a Hip Hop/Electronic fusion that highlights the highly talented couple’s stylistic versatility and consistently top notch quality.  Fun and funky, “Bombay” has a high energy beat and pulsating melody that translates brilliantly to bothContinue reading “PELUSSJE Team With Eddie Lemonier on Fusion Single “Bombay””

10 Questions with The Dead Betas

Who is answering the questions?   Tobias Monsters and Aidan Sugaboi Can you tell us a little bit about the formation of The Dead Betas?   The Dead Betas formed when Aidan was due to record my failed acoustic band, i forgot to tell him not to come over and  turned up to my house, i toldContinue reading “10 Questions with The Dead Betas”