Faith Amari Drops Mixtape

Chicago singer-songwriter Faith Amari has just released her newest album, Complex Butterfly. The mixtape album features 18 alternative R&B and Hip Hop tracks that showcase Faith’s skills not only as an accomplished vocalist but also as a songwriter and arranger.  “Complex Butterfly represents my growth not only as a woman but my growth mentally, physically, and emotionally,” says Faith.Continue reading “Faith Amari Drops Mixtape”

Introducing: Faith Amari

Chicago Hip-Hop and R&B artist Faith Amari has released her new single ‘Blk Boy’, an R&B track aimed at harassment. “’Blk Boy’ is about my story and my experience with street harassment from men in my neighborhood where the racial population is predominantly black. I call these men boys because they have not grown up yet. Street harassmentContinue reading “Introducing: Faith Amari”