Faulkner Reveals Another Taste of REVANCHIST EP

Alt-Rock/Pop newcomers Faulkner have released yet another track off of their hotly anticipated REVANCHIST EP, this time in the form of a dark, retributive pop song entitled “Waters Are A Rising”. REVANCHIST, which is French for “someone who advocates revenge,” is an epic collage of interconnected concepts addressing retribution, hustling, and dislocated youth (inspired by frontman Lucas Asher’s time spent asContinue reading “Faulkner Reveals Another Taste of REVANCHIST EP”

Faulkner’s RZA Produced Revanchist Out 3/5

Bicoastal rockers Faulkner will be releasing their RZA (Wu Tang Clan), Mark Needham, (The Killers) and JP Bowersock (The Strokes) produced Revanchist EP on 3/5.  Their video for the debut single “Revolutionary” has already gone viral, with over 2.3 million views in a little less than a month, showcases their seamless fusion of alternative rock and electro-pop with raw lyrics. Their secondContinue reading “Faulkner’s RZA Produced Revanchist Out 3/5”