“Playing Rich” With Ohio Rapper Master Puff

ailing from Massillon, Ohio, hip-hop artist Master Puff has just dropped his latest single, “Playing Rich”. The track, produced by LANCEXCV, mixed & mastered by Con, features Puff’s lyrical acrobatics over a chill flute loop and sparse percussion. A video is in the works. Lyrically, Puff speaks on the ills of stunting without means. “I saw an artist I used to look up toContinue reading ““Playing Rich” With Ohio Rapper Master Puff”

Introducing: Master Puff

Master Puff is a traveling recording artist based out of Massillon, OH. With witty rhymes and accelerated flows, he turns heads with every performance and his fan base is growing because of it. Master Puff has racked up over 50k total streams, which is no small accomplishment for a self-made artist! Master Puff has just droppedContinue reading “Introducing: Master Puff”