SOULSWITCH Impress With “Until The End”

Orlando hard rock heavyweights SOULSWITCH are back to kick off 2021 with new single “Until The End“. The tightly crafted, radio ready hard rock banger launches with a instantly attention grabbing chorus of “Whoa’s” before dropping into the subdued verse. The melodic vocal line of the verse quickly gives way to pained screams before hitting the singalongContinue reading “SOULSWITCH Impress With “Until The End””

Singer- Songwriter Re-Imagines Hit Single He Co-Wrote 30 Years Ago

Melbourne, AU based singer-songwriter Brian Baker has released a “cover” of the song ‘Big Picture’ by The Makers, a song he helped write 30 years ago! “In the last months of 1989 Eddie and I had spent about 12 months writing what was to become the first Makers record,” explains Baker, “We were working fromContinue reading “Singer- Songwriter Re-Imagines Hit Single He Co-Wrote 30 Years Ago”

Introducing: Paco Is Desperate!

Paco Is Desperate! is emerging as one of the best young talents from the Toledo, Ohio’s rising Emo/Indie music scene. The outfit’s new single, ‘Margaret’ is a gorgeously layered, earnest ballad about the abuse that can come within relationships. “The concept of Margaret is that she is this personification, this sort of spiritual manifestation of the evilContinue reading “Introducing: Paco Is Desperate!”


Ohio based Indie Rock artist, Earthling XO, has released the acoustic tinged love ballad ‘French Toast’. The dreamy single covers the simpler side of love. “It’s about the overwhelming feeling of bliss you get when you meet the right person,” explains singer-songwriter Tyler Irby , “And how no matter what little inconveniences happen or obstacles you encounterContinue reading “INTRODUCING: EARTHLING XO”