Introducing: JAMIE STOFFA

Washington DC Post Hardcore artist JAMIE STOFFA has released his new track, C137. The radio ready modern rock single, written, engineered, and produced by Stoffa through his company JLS Audio, is released as a double single with the track “Passing Time”. The song deals in part on Stoffa’s frustration with lockdown. “The lyrics to C137 were written right when lockdown wasContinue reading “Introducing: JAMIE STOFFA”

Introducing: Outatime!

Orlando Florida Pop Punk band Outatime! has released their new single, the energetic anthem “Husky Fight!”. While the music is fast and furious, lyrically, the track deals with the serious topics of anxiety and depression, “The song is about the constant struggle with anxiety and depression that sometimes can lead to thoughts of suicide and abandonment,” explains the band, “WeContinue reading “Introducing: Outatime!”