CHEER UP DUSTY Releases Video For New Single “LEGACY”

Philadelphia, PA four-piece Alt-Rock band Cheer Up Dusty has released their newest single, the slick up-tempo Legacy. Combining spacious vocals with superb pop-punk sensibilities, Legacy is the heavy hitting leadoff single off the band’s upcoming EP. “Legacy is our first single off our new EP and the first song we filmed a music video for. While it was beingContinue reading “CHEER UP DUSTY Releases Video For New Single “LEGACY””

Introducing Bogwrought

Middleborough, MA metalcore band Bogwrought has released their newest intricate single, “Monarch”. The song is about an unhealthy obsession from a toxic person and displays an array of impressive metalcore elements, along with more grounded-based lyrical content. “The lyrics are not common to what we usually write about, which is more fantasy based,” says Bogwrought singer and guitaristContinue reading “Introducing Bogwrought”

Introducing PATHWAY

Pathway has just released its latest single “White Rabbit”. The track is the first single released as part of the album release cycle for their debut album, Raised In A Haunted House. “White Rabbit was the first song I and the band wrote for the Pathway album,” explains vocalist and guitarist Billy Steele, “During quarantine, I had a lotContinue reading “Introducing PATHWAY”

Seethe Announces New Album

Pittsburgh, PA trapcore artist Seethe has released their newest single, “In Pieces” and has announced their new album,  the intense and diverse Psalms of the Dead Better Left Unsung and Unread. Both consistent and cohesive in its delivery, the album delivers tracks that share a similar vibe but vary differently in terms of mood and delivery. The albumContinue reading “Seethe Announces New Album”

Introducing Valley Falls

Richmond, VT Alternative Rock band Vallory Falls has released their newest single, “Rosie”. Following up their first two energetic releases, “Rosie” carries the same degree of deeply personal and metaphorical meanings in the lyrics. Slick guitar play and pulsingly rhythmic drums accompany the story behind the song. Thematically, the track is about exploring the conceptContinue reading “Introducing Valley Falls”

Brian Baker Releases New Single ” OUR FREEDOM”

New Zealand singer-songwriter BRIAN BAKER is celebrating the release of hislatest single, “OUR FREEDOM”, produced and recorded at his Kaipara-basedstudio facility. “OUR FREEDOM” is a song inspired by the right to protest. It sees a woman at a protest, then in court and finally in a supermarket, where she is free to choose, all laidContinue reading “Brian Baker Releases New Single ” OUR FREEDOM””

Introducing I, Of The Storm

Los Angeles, CA – Metalcore act  I, OF THE STORM has released its newest single, the tastefully blended, cyberpunk-influenced track “Cataclysm”. Musically the song is a fantastic blend of ambient tones and heavy-hitting metalcore sensibilities, sure to find appeal across multiple genres. Lyrically, the song is inspired by real-life situations of overwhelming emotions. Of the track, vocalist DamianContinue reading “Introducing I, Of The Storm”

Telling Secrets Back With Latest Single

Telling Secrets mastermind Vik Kovacs is a true global musician. Kovacs is the product of Eastern European blood and a British upbringing. Hailing from Manchester, England, but living in Los Angeles, Kovacs is releasing his brand of Emo tinged modern rock bangers under the name Telling Secrets for the past two years. In 2021, KovacsContinue reading “Telling Secrets Back With Latest Single”

Introducing Bad Year

Milwaukee – Midwest punk outfit BAD YEAR has just released its latest album FADED MEMORIES on Ohio’s Punkerton Records. The album featured the singles “Charcoal Black” and “Oh, Virginia”, and represents experiences of heartbreak, hopelessness, panic, and sorrow, while still offering a glimpse of hope. About the record, the band says “Faded Memories has been a labor of brotherly love, and the thingContinue reading “Introducing Bad Year”

Introducing Lasciaté

Hershey, Pa – Alt-Metal band Lasciaté has released the video for their newest single, “IED”, their first release since reforming earlier this year. The modern rock radio-ready single combines crunching riffs and slick production with alternating soaring melodic and guttural scream vocals. About the song, the band says “We wrote this song during the presidential election of 2020,Continue reading “Introducing Lasciaté”