San Diego punk band SOME KIND OF NIGHTMARE has released a live version of the song “We Take Form”. The single is taken from the Limited Edition Vinyl Release DCxPC Live Vol. 9 Some Kind of Nightmare Live at Lou’s, released on DCxPC Live Records. The album is limited to 150 copies and is for sale onContinue reading “SOME KIND OF NIGHTMARE Drops “WE TAKE FORM” From Live Vinyl”

Introducing Bad Year

Milwaukee – Midwest punk outfit BAD YEAR has just released its latest album FADED MEMORIES on Ohio’s Punkerton Records. The album featured the singles “Charcoal Black” and “Oh, Virginia”, and represents experiences of heartbreak, hopelessness, panic, and sorrow, while still offering a glimpse of hope. About the record, the band says “Faded Memories has been a labor of brotherly love, and the thingContinue reading “Introducing Bad Year”

Introducing Half Dizzy

(Long Island, NY 10/7/22) – Long Island, NY punk act Half Dizzy has released their newest single, “Never Been Happier”. The track is their second single since being signed by Punkerton Records and precedes their upcoming 8-song EP titled Courtacy Flush (October 21st). It follows the lead single “Broken Down”, which was released on Sept 23rd. Thematically, “Never Been Happier” isContinue reading “Introducing Half Dizzy”

Introducing Verse, Chorus, Inferno

Como, Italy’s Verse, Chorus, Inferno has released their newest single, a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s seminal track “Dreams”. The straight-ahead punk rock track blends the band’s signature style seamlessly with the classic song and features guest vocals from Sandro Forty Winks. “It’s a great classic song, with a very simple structure but killer melodies,” says the band. “WeContinue reading “Introducing Verse, Chorus, Inferno”

Introducing Steady Decline

Dublin, Ireland pop-punk duo Steady Decline has released their newest single, “Erase Me”. The song is an emotionally charged track about being haunted by and trying to move on from a toxic relationship and was released on indie label Never Meant. The track is an acoustic-tinged pop-punk ballad that showcases the duo’s vocals and melancholy songwriting,Continue reading “Introducing Steady Decline”

DCxPC Live Releases Grave Return/The Hamiltons Live Split Vinyl

DCxPC Live has announced the release of DCxPC Live Vol 5: Grave Return and The Hamiltons. The album was recorded at a party thrown by DCxPC Live. DCxPC Live is a Florida based label that exclusively issues vinyl releases of live albums. For Grave Return, a punk act from the suburbs of Orlando that has openedContinue reading “DCxPC Live Releases Grave Return/The Hamiltons Live Split Vinyl”

CALL IN DEAD Return With A New Vocalist On Blistering Punk Track “Patriarchy”

Orlando Florida’s Call In Dead are back with their latest track “Patriarchy“, the first song featuring their new vocalist Ripley.  The band features four veteran punk rockers, who blend their different musical experiences and styles to make a sound that is at once familiar to fans of hardcore punk while also giving it a fresh, unique take. On “Patriarchy“,Continue reading “CALL IN DEAD Return With A New Vocalist On Blistering Punk Track “Patriarchy””

Introducing: Rules Of Enragement

Texas punk band Rules Of Enragement are back with “Underground Guy”, their brand new song, years in the making. “We first made the song in high school, and it had never been recorded,” explains the band. “But Brandon from Punkerton Records had made a recording of him and a friend playing the song a few years later andContinue reading “Introducing: Rules Of Enragement”

Florida Punks CALL IN DEAD Drop Live Track “Fight Of The Bumblebee”

Orlando, Flordia’s Call in Dead have released their latest single, “Fight Of The Bumblebee”. The track is the third and final single taken from their new album DCxPC Live Vol 1. The album was released as a 7″ vinyl split with 2AMature and recorded live in the Danger Room in Orlando, FL and was released on DCxPC Live which is runContinue reading “Florida Punks CALL IN DEAD Drop Live Track “Fight Of The Bumblebee””

BADGUYSWIN Release Grunge Infused, Debut LP, ‘Cowards’!

Grand Forks, BC based Grunge revivalists BADGUYSWIN has released their debut album, Cowards! After years of writing complex and intricate music, the members of Slagduster return to their musical roots with a twelve track LP that fuses classic grunge influences with crisp, modern production. “Taking a more minimalistic approach, we’ve dropped the screaming and puzzling time signatures to create aContinue reading “BADGUYSWIN Release Grunge Infused, Debut LP, ‘Cowards’!”