Miss Fortune Recruits Bradley Walden of Emarosa On New Single

Miss Fortune has just released their latest single “All The White Lies in The World” featuring vocalist Bradley Walden of Emarosa. Lyrically, The track tackles the world issues we’re facing today, with lines such as “If ever there’s a time that makes you wonder about the world we’re living in” driving the narrative home. “In a worldContinue reading “Miss Fortune Recruits Bradley Walden of Emarosa On New Single”

Check Out This Zombie Comic Book Video for Jamie Stoffa’s Metalcore “Day 52”

Jamie Stoffa is a genre-bending multi-instrumentalist based out of Washington, D.C. Drawing influence from notable scene bands including Silverstein, From First to Last, and A Day to Remember, he blends pop, rock, and post-hardcore with modern production elements to create a signature sound that is both unique and evocative.  He has just dropped his latest single,Continue reading “Check Out This Zombie Comic Book Video for Jamie Stoffa’s Metalcore “Day 52””

Introducing: Two Man Advantage

Together for more than 20 years, Two Man Advantage is the world’s premier hockey punk band. Known widely for their explosive live performances, the band has been featured in some of the country’s most high-profile media outlets: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, ESPN, and their music has beenContinue reading “Introducing: Two Man Advantage”

Introducing: The Typical Johnsons

A little bit of Rock N Roll, a little bit of old time Country Music, mix in some Punk influence and some Roots Americana music, throw all that into the blender and you have what someone much smarter than the band described as “Dirty Northern Folk Rock”.  The music of The Typical Johnsons leans inContinue reading “Introducing: The Typical Johnsons”

“Playing Rich” With Ohio Rapper Master Puff

ailing from Massillon, Ohio, hip-hop artist Master Puff has just dropped his latest single, “Playing Rich”. The track, produced by LANCEXCV, mixed & mastered by Con, features Puff’s lyrical acrobatics over a chill flute loop and sparse percussion. A video is in the works. Lyrically, Puff speaks on the ills of stunting without means. “I saw an artist I used to look up toContinue reading ““Playing Rich” With Ohio Rapper Master Puff”

Introducing: Emma And The Fragments

Emma and the Fragments are a female-fronted indie rock band based in East London. Emma on lead vocals, Donn on guitar, Jonny on bass and Jon on drums. Emma and the Fragments have made a name for themselves with their hard-edged indie rock, first heard on their 2018 EP Sanity and now in their latestContinue reading “Introducing: Emma And The Fragments”

Introducing: Stock Market Cinema

Minneapolis Indie-Pop duo Stockmarket Cinema has just released their new track “Wasting Time”. The track is a dreamy slice of indie-pop featuring clean, reverebed guitars, great pop production and heart-on-sleeve lyrics, perfect for fans of COIN, AJR, and Glass Animals. The track was a true labor of love for Stockmarket Cinema. “Wasting Time is aContinue reading “Introducing: Stock Market Cinema”

Introducing: Loud Love

Bringing the rock ‘n roll genre back to center stage, Philadelphia based rock band Loud Love formed in 2020 during the throes of a global pandemic, only to make a significant splash on the Indie Rock and Punk scenes once the world began to reopen. After partnering with Mission Pro Wrestling as their official music provider andContinue reading “Introducing: Loud Love”

Introducing: 72-74’s

72-74’s has released their new album Damn The Lights, a five song collection of alternative rock the band has dubbed “Junk Rock”.  “Many of main tracks were literally recorded first takes of the ‘creative’ process,” explains Shane Arden (vocal, guitar). “We like to use it all – instruments, loop, sounds, voices, ambiance – mix it all together and boomContinue reading “Introducing: 72-74’s”