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In Dynamics


IN DYNAMICS ? They most certainly are, and going from strength to strength from previous projects, these guys are unstoppable .
Their approach to their music is fast paced and punchy and certainly keeps you on your toes.

After watching the video to ‘STAY’, i was immediately convinced that these guys will go far in this industry as their imagination and ingenuity shone through in every part of the song, and there it was right in front of my eyes.
The video is very cleverly done, and was painstakingly filmed and directed by the extremely talented Bertie Wrench after coming up with this amazing concept. Once recorded it was then played backwards for our enjoyment, leaving the lads the hard task of having to learn and lip sync everything backwards in real time and although done before, this only shows me the passion and dedication these guys have for their craft.
The track itself boasts an energy that’s second to none that not only would pull a crowd but would certainly keep any audience glued to the stage and increase their fan base.


The track Oceans although a more down tempo piece is beautifully crafted and has a clever play on words throughout and very parabolic in nature and creative. It sets a mood that certainly makes you think.

Alive: certainly lives up to its name from start to finish as its energy courses through your veins giving you hit after hit of the adrenalin it produces.

She Radiates: to me is the track that really demonstrates this new dynamic sound that gave birth to the name In Dynamics as it produces that vibe throughout the song leaving any LIVE audience thrown against a wall punching the air for more.

Through Strength And Craft: is a song with attitude and an energy that leaves you breathless trying keeping up with the pace and a must see first hand on stage as you ride their tidal wave of sound .


I have said it before and I will proudly say it again as nothing has changed, these guys have a truly amazing full house of vocals and harmonies to die for, it takes the band to dizzy heights in the listening experience and to see these guys LIVE is a MUST especially when you see the power house that is Jack Wrench in the engine room at the back pounding those skins with the solid bass techniques of brother Will Wrench complimenting to the full. Take that along with the amazing lead guitar and vocals of Beau Boulden, this all forms a really tight package that takes it all to another level.

Over all, this is an album so well put together its at risk of busting apart at the seems with the enthusiasm and energy that went in to it.
Each and every song is well set out at and truly beautifully crafted.
The end result is something to be proud of both from the artist and the fans buying it.

So go on , give it a try , you’ll be silly not to .
In Dynamics are here to stay and there will be plenty more where this came from .


If ever there was a song to tempt
the listener into buying this album
it would be ‘Stay’


Ian Davies



Bringing music back to its origin to a more simplistic flow is the order of the day with the members of this band .
If you were to buy any of their material you will find yourself whisked away to a sea of tranquillity, yet left in a very thoughtful frame of mind with a collection of beautifully crafted material to stir the very soul.

The Collector was originally a project and the brainchild of Simon King , pictured above left, who set up the band purely to get his music played and an album of songs recorded. This was all born through the frustration he had with past bands and with recordings that never really ended up how he originally perceived them . So Simon bought a small digital studio and some mics and set about creating what was going to be a truly amazing album. Now with the reins held tightly in his hands, Simon took a leap of faith, and in 2008 started to build his team with local musicians he knew that were of the same mind set, and most importantly reading off the same page.

By 2009 after allot of hard work they had completed the album aptly titled ‘The Be All And End All’ but sadly by this time it seemed it was not enough for some members of the band and slowly they all started to drift into other projects. Simon managed to pull together a few acoustic gigs to at least air the songs bringing in the help of his original double bassist Gary Holder and Simon Mole. This was a good move as it started the creative juices flowing and got Simon thinking of the possibilities of writing completely new material and performing them acoustically as what they had just done ticked all the boxes.

By 2010 Simon grabbed the bull by the horns and with fire still in his belly the band almost completely re-formed with the help of local musicians Leah Miller, Matt Andrews with Gary Holder and Graham Noon from the previous album available when needed for live performances.
And boy what a team he has picked as the talent was close at hand but with an end result that’s simply perfect, giving him the cream of the crop that’s top of their class.

The angelic tones of Leah Miller are capable of moving a mountain with just a whisper as she leaves you breathless in wonder at this beautiful voice almost Celtic in nature.
She has vocal abilities capable of reaching out and holding you in the palm of her hand in every breath leaving you centred and intoxicated.
Leah has been singing since the tender age of 11 when she bought her first guitar and started writing her own songs. It wasn’t until she was 15 that Leah set foot on stage and has since performed with such local bands as Eight Dirty Pages and Dogs In Space. With Jeff Buckley, Imogen Heap, P.J.Harvey and Martha Wainwright as inspiration Leah is truly an asset to the band giving it the spirit it needed.


Matt has been performing both vocally and as a guitarist for the best part of 18 years starting with his first band called Phreak in 1994 covering most of Nirvana tracks until they split in 1999. Matt didn’t do much more from there until he joined Everafta later to become Madeira Drive. He then doubled up with Classix all of which played venues across the counties.
Inspiration comes from all angles from Simon and Garfunkel to Slayer and Sepultura and bows to such idols as Dave Grohl and Slash.
Matt is truly an accomplished musician with not only the talent to succeed but also the stamina and will power to drive this band where it wants to go with host of past experience to bring to the table. With a voice renowned to crack the sound waves wide open he also also adopts a more placid and calming vocal to grab every ones attention . A true valued member of the band .

Simon was a late starter and didn’t pick a guitar up until his mid teens and is pretty much self taught learning his chords straight from a book, and went on to play with such bands as Frantic and Spoiler . His musical influences stem from listening to The Cure, Echo And The Bunnymen, The Chameleons, New Model Army and New Order yet is influenced now by Tom McRae, Passenger and Damien Rice . But with the will to succeed Simon’s self taught qualities certainly shine through giving us a performance that’s second to none , and as the driving force in this band Simon will certainly steer this band where it needs to go and thats to the top of their Genre.

This mix of talent is is perfect in every way and a true recipe for success, creating moods to stir the very soul, making you stop and think and even take stock of your life adding comfort and thought to the listening experience that is The Collector.



If ever there were two songs to tempt
the listener into buying this album
it would be ”This Time” and ”The Collector”


Ian Davies
Music journalist