Sean Kingston and Luca Dayz Present: “PHENOMENAL”

Award winning R&B recording artist and songwriter Luca Dayz has teamed up with Multi-platinum singer and rapper Sean Kingston on the R&B hit “Phenomenal”. The track also features Ukrainian Pop Star Tina Karol and Legendary Marquest. Taking off like a rocket, the song has amassed over 40k plays in it’s first week on Spotify! Luca DayzContinue reading “Sean Kingston and Luca Dayz Present: “PHENOMENAL””

Tina Karol Impresses On U.S. Debut Single

Multi platinum Ukranian pop superstar Tina Karol has released the first single from her debut US album. The single, “Heaven”, is a sultry R&B record that showcases Karol’s legendary vocal prowess over a seductive, lush arrangement. ” “Heaven” is a very sensual song, it is permeated with tenderness, hope and at the same time coquetry,” explains Tina, who is alsoContinue reading “Tina Karol Impresses On U.S. Debut Single”

REVIEW: World Class NYC Hip Hop and RnB Label Releases Compilation Mixtape

Bentley Records proudly presents “Soul Cruise The EP”, featuring a group of incredibly talented and award winning singers, songwriters, composers & musicians, coming together to create an EP designed to take your soul on a cruise! Featuring tracks from muti-platinum Ukrainian Superstar Tina Karol along with The Ukranian Symphonic Orchestra, Grammy winner Jackie’s Boy, British Singer-Songwriter Amara Riva, former Sony &Continue reading “REVIEW: World Class NYC Hip Hop and RnB Label Releases Compilation Mixtape”