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Precious Child Releases Surreal, NSFW “WHOLE” Music Video!

Experimental video and musical artist Precious Child has released a provocative, NSFW new music video debuting their new release “WHOLE.” Created in collaboration with transmasculine multimedia digital artist/director Cade, and premiered on Paper Magazine, the video explores body horror, dysmorphia and abstraction of gender and identity in Precious’ vivid visual style.

“I directed ‘WHOLE’ at a time when I was at the cusp of reinventing my gender identity, both socially and biologically,” Cade shares. “In the video we allude to swapping bodies in a sci-fi scenario. We explore the controversial notion of ‘borrowing women’s struggle’ in a scene where blood travels from my vein through a tube and into Precious’ crotch, creating a simulated period. The experience itself was a ritual, as we both bled.”

Precious Child adds, “I think individuals should decide what they like and what they want to do with their body, accoutrements, lifestyle, and persona without regard to convention. The various symbols and signifiers are arbitrary.”

With the release of this new video, Precious Child announced they will release a new body of work WHOLE this spring. The album expands on the concepts explored in “My Little Problem (Violet Door)” and visual mini-album released last fall, Just A Body. In addition to the upcoming release, they are working on further new music with multiplatinum producer Ulrich Wild (SlipknotStone Temple PilotsWhite ZombieDeftones) and members of Filter and Puscifer.

Bloody, arresting, and surreal, Precious Child exists at the convergence of conceptual art and experimental music. The Los Angeles-based artist culls sonic inspiration from mainstream pop, industrial and metal to create confrontational and captivating audiovisual work. Precious Child’s 2017 album TRAPPED marked the beginning of the artist’s close collaboration with Cade, whose work explores the worlds of fetish, gender deconstruction and post-internet intimacy. Their first collaborative release was the video for “My Little Problem (Violet Door)“, which premiered via Paste Magazine, along with “Phantom”, an experiential audiovisual artist’s statement for TRAPPED. The videos have garnered a combined 1.65 million views across social platforms.

Prior to TRAPPED, Precious Child released full lengths Bloody Knees (2015), accompanied by a music video for “I Fall” featuring America’s Next Top Model alumni Nina Burns, and ESCAPE (2016), a soundtrack composed for the Neil Gaiman biopic “Dream Dangerously.” With the release of ESCAPE, Precious Child collaborated with Alabama artist Yonderpuss on video work accompanying the songs “Magic is Real” and “To Need”.

Gender accessories as seen in ‘WHOLE’ can be found here.

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Precious Child Releases NSFW Video for “My Little Problem” & “Phantom” Off of ‘TRAPPED’ EP


Cinematic Progressive Industrial Artist Precious Child has released a highly politically charged, NSFW Official Music Video for the single “My Little Problem” off of his TRAPPED EP. Directed by Brazilian born and LA based artist Cade, “My Little Problem” was originally premiered on Paste Magazine.

“My Little Problem” is a song and music video about self discovery, synthetic nature, and sexuality. It is a collaboration between Precious Child and the director Cade.

“This video explores the current pop culture fascination with freeing ourselves from the decay and pain that is contingent with inhabiting a physical body. The question is, if technology allows us to transcend into conscious machines, unable to feel pain, will we feel anything at all but a pressing sense of existentialism? Vaporwave, goth, emo, and kitsch culture were an influence to this project as well as campy sci fi thrillers like David Cronenberg’s Videodrome.” – CADE

Precious also released “Phantom,” an experiential music video that illuminates the protagonist in “My Little Problem,” which was itself premiered on AntiHero Magazine:

TRAPPED is the 3rd studio album of Precious Child. Recorded in Los Angeles, TRAPPED is an EP featuring reinterpretations of tracks from Bloody Knees and ESCAPE as well as original tracks.

“Many of my songs have a common ancestor; when I write, the song I am writing often inspires another, and another, and another. Old ideas inspire new songs and new songs make songs out of old ideas. TRAPPED references these ouroboroses of creativity. I have been in the studio for many months working on an LP and this EP happened amidst the recording for the LP. See what I’m getting at? Hard to tell where the head and the tail begins. We have a desperate need for a reason to exist and art is my reason.” – Precious Child

Track List:
1. Phantom
2. My Little Problem (Violet Door)
3. Entity
4. No Such Thing as Time
5. The Past (Be Me Again)
6. The Past (Instrumental)

Download/Stream TRAPPED Online:
Spotify |iTunes | Google Play | Bandcamp | Amazon


Precious Child is the multi-genre musical project of the artist Precious. Precious Child includes industrial-pop, progressive industrial metal, and atmospheric instrumental music. Tool meets My Chemical Romance. Precious’ art centers on the strife, struggle, and poignant beauty in life. Out of Los Angeles, CA, Precious Child was founded in Baltimore, MD in 2013. Precious Child’s debut 2015 metal album Bloody Knees was produced in Los Angeles, CA by Ulrich Wild, the multiplatinum producer known for his work with White Zombie, Deftones, Dethklok, and more. The music video for the song “I Fall” featured Nina Burns, a beloved contestant from America’s Next Top Model. ESCAPE, Precious Child’s second album is a soundtrack that was composed for the Neil Gaiman biopic Dream Dangerously. To accompany the release of ESCAPE, Precious collaborated with Alabama artist Yonderpuss to create videos for the songs “Magic is Real” and “To Need“. Precious is currently in the studio with Ulrich, working on an LP album with members of Filter and Puscifer/Stolen Babies, due for release later in 2017.