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10 Questions with BogglesWorth


We sat down with EDM artist BogglesWorth recently for 10 questions. Here is what happened!

1. You’re a newer EDM artist in the scene. Tell me a little what separates you from everyone else.

I feel like what separates me from everyone else out there are my influences from a diverse genre of music. In my past I’ve played in many different bands from screamo to punk, I’ve made beats, I’ve rapped, still do from time to time, but from the beginning I have always worked on blending styles together. I like to bring influences from all genres of music into whatever format I’m working with. I work hard to try to create new concepts and sounds. But no matter what format, I always try to produce a melancholy meets melodic style.

2. Do you have any upcoming projects coming out? When may we hear some new tunes?

I’m always working on new music. Expect quite a few tunes to be released over this next year or so. I also have some shows coming up in the LA area. I try to always have something going on. I like keeping busy and it gives Bogglers a chance to stay engaged and informed.

3. If you could curate a festival, what would your dream lineup be?

My dream lineup would include Deadmau5, Skrillex, Rancid, Dropkick Murphys, Duck sauce, Daft Punk, Kid Cudi, Tyler the Creator, Depeche Mode, Leftover Crack, and myself of coarse. We would tour the world and leave a wake of destruction behind us.

4. Your new single is called “Astray In an Ashtray” , what’s the story behind the song?

Astray in an Ashtray is a representation instrumentally of my life, the ups and downs, successes and failures. Life can be one of the greatest gifts and biggest curses all at the same time. When life leads you Astray, find an Ashtray.

5. Who would you compare your music to if any?

I would say my music has a definite EDM feel with a bit of Daft Punk, Depeche Mode, and Old Skool Electronica mixed in to create an overall underground/grunge sort of feel to it. I make my music in my laundry room and it feel that resonates in my music. There are quite a few people out there making music in odd locations like myself and those locations make an impression on the music made there.


6. Can you take us through your writing process?

Most songs start out as an event or emotion I experience in everyday life. I take that feeling/event and work out concepts on my Korg M-50 until I get the melody and chord progression how I want it. I usually the export midi from there to Cubase or reprogram the concept directly in Cubase. Then comes the sound creation and effect tweaking, this takes the majority of time during my process. Following that is arranging, which usually gets done at the same time of sound creation for the most part, and finally, mastering. I am getting a bit more efficient in song creation and always improving my writing process. I have a tendency to get tunnel vision and get stuck on a particular song. I’m a perfectionist and won’t stop until I get a sound or melody just right. But as far as inspiration, I can be inspired by anything from a big life change to what seems like an insignificant moment in life. It’s a very odd, dark place in the mind of BogglesWorth.

7. Is your music distributed? Where can people pick up a copy/digital copy?

I distribute through Tunecore. If you can buy or listen to music on a site I am most likely there. I’m on iTunes, Amazon, Google, Rdio, Spotify, SoundCloud, etc. I am not on BeatPort but I hope that will change soon. (Clears throat, nudge, nudge)

8. What’s the craziest thing you have ever been through or experienced?

If I told you, I would have to kill you. But really, I have a pretty crazy life. I can’t just pick one event. With enough booze and a long weekend I could probably tell you about 25% of the craziest things.

9. If you lie to me about how you started creating music, and include a crazy story, you can then plug anything you want.

No lie but I’m plugging anyway. Check out my website to keep up to date with the latest tunes, photos and more. Don’t forget to Like my page on Facebook ( to get the latest free downloads, upcoming gigs, and sarcastic comments. If you check out both those places you might as well follow me on Twitter @BogglesWorth.

10. What does 2014 look like for BogglesWorth?

2014 is the year of BogglesWorth. I have lots of songs that will be released shortly and a bunch of gigs coming up. Be sure to connect to my social media outlets to stay informed and be the best Boggler you can be. Stay informed! Be odd!

Pussy Riot’s Nadezhda Tolokonnikova has been located

According to the Huffington Post, Pussy Riot’s Nadezhda Tolokonnikova has been located after having been missing for 10 days. According to Tolokonnikova’s husband, the Pussy Riot member, who was put in jail for two years for “incitement of religious hatred,” is being shipped to Siberia, where she will serve the rest of her sentence at Penal Colony 50, which sounds like a great place to be.

According to the Russian Prison Service, it takes days, if not weeks, to transfer inmates via trains, and family members are not told of the transfer until it is complete. Tolokonnikova is expected to be released in March 2014.