Introducing: Cotter

Cotter showcases sincere sentimentality through a veil of shreddy, pop-punk anthemicism. Named in memory of a late friend who had tragically succumbed to a battle with depression, the band sets its foundations in relatable themes that cover a wide spectrum of emotionality and lived experience. Formed mid-2019 as an acoustic act by long-time musical collaboratorsContinue reading “Introducing: Cotter”

IVORY BLUE Reveals Inspiring New Single, “Good Changes”

Kansas City, MO singer / songwriter IVORY BLUE has released their newest single, a guitar driven gem with yearning melodies and a challenge to face growth titled “Good Changes.” Exuding both an optimistic hope and hard-won satisfaction, “Good Changes” is the newest revelation from the stunning artist’s upcoming, debut LP, Compound Love. “This song shows that not onlyContinue reading “IVORY BLUE Reveals Inspiring New Single, “Good Changes””

College Radio Drops Early 2000’s Style Video For New Single “Better Daze”

Pop Punk outfit College Radio has just dropped their latest track, the absolute banger, “Better Daze”. For the band, the single represents a bigger outlook on the phrase Better Days but for these guys, it’s very much more of a “Better Daze”. “We wanted to put our own twist on it,” explains the band. “We all haveContinue reading “College Radio Drops Early 2000’s Style Video For New Single “Better Daze””

VIGILANTE Releases Official Music Video for “Primera Linea”

France based, Chilean born heavy electronic artist VIGILANTE has released a graphic, physically explosive official music video for his new single and EP, Primera Linea. Directed by Nicolas Robini, the music video pays homage to the massive protests in Chile (2019 -2020) against president Sebastian Pinera and the terrible legacy of General Pinochet’s constitution. The clip features the artist (former pro-wrestler) against FrenchContinue reading “VIGILANTE Releases Official Music Video for “Primera Linea””

Introducing: Year Of The Fist

Year Of The Fist reaches from Oakland, California where there has been no shortage of great musicians and bands to play with or catch live on any night of the week.  Together their musical backgrounds span all genres, but all have a love for rock and roll.  This has led them to open for aContinue reading “Introducing: Year Of The Fist”

ABOVE SNAKES Release Official Music Video for “Nothing to Lose”

Active Rock / Nu Metal Band ABOVE SNAKES has released the official music video for their latest single, “Nothing to Lose,” the fourth single from the Boston based group, a seriously heavy banger of an anthem. “This is an unapologetic anthem to not giving an F and living life the way you want. Life is too shortContinue reading “ABOVE SNAKES Release Official Music Video for “Nothing to Lose””

Video Premiere: Raze The Altar – Chronophage

UK based metal act Raze The Altar has just released a lyric video for their latest single “Chronophage”. Check it out below! Raze The Altar is a one-man alternative/hybrid metal project that fearlessly blends the genres of its influences. Elements of symphonic, death, nu, industrial, and core metal are stitched together to create a uniqueContinue reading “Video Premiere: Raze The Altar – Chronophage”

Thomas Crane Releases Horrific Official Music Video for New Single, “Monsters Walk Among Us”!

Musician-turned-filmmaker THOMAS CRANE is jumping back into music, releasing his new single “Monsters Walk Among Us” with an epic new video along with it. Best known as a music video director, and the head of killDevil Films, he has directed videos for TODD LA TORRE of QUEENSRYCHE, SALIVA, KAMELOT, ONCE HUMAN, and many more. With the new single and video, he’s now back inContinue reading “Thomas Crane Releases Horrific Official Music Video for New Single, “Monsters Walk Among Us”!”

WAITING FOR ETERNITY Announce 2021 Fall Tour Dates!

Hot on the heels of their self-titled, debut EP, Tennessee rock band WAITING FOR ETERNITY has announced tour dates for October and November 2021. Launching today in Des Moines, IA, the tour winds throughout the Midwest, Texas, into the South before traveling up the East Coast and winding down November 22 in Niagara, NY. Tour Dates:10/13 @Continue reading “WAITING FOR ETERNITY Announce 2021 Fall Tour Dates!”

Introducing: Big Pop

Big Pop is a diverse Akron, Ohio supergroup who are music-obsessed perma-children that have an itch to push modern music to a new level. Started as a remote side project during 2020’s pandemic by Corey Jenkins and Jeri Sapronetti. They started sending demos back and forth, and when Jeri broke her foot skateboarding after visitingContinue reading “Introducing: Big Pop”