Azreal Tearing Up The Bound By The Road Tour


Australian metal band Azreal have landed on US soil and are ready to tear it up on the Bound by the Road Tour with DevilDriver.  Singer Luke Hosking took a minute to let us in on tour details and the differences between Australia and America.

Breaking Music Magazine – What are you most excited about on the Bound by the Road tour?

Azreal – Getting some international miles under our belt is exciting and touring with such great bands our first time out is also a big deal for us. We have been a local Australian band for a while now and this tour is really the next step in our evolution. We are all beyond pumped to have the opportunity to live it.

BMM – What is the biggest difference you’ve experienced this far between Australia and America?

Azreal – Mainly the accessibility of everything; Wal-Mart, for example, is about 10 times the size of anything of its kind in Australia. Another big difference is the temperature. In Queensland it’s about 100+ degrees with 90% humidity, so flying into Colorado to pick up our bus and crew was a bit of a shock. Although we are very happy to be sitting in a Wal-Mart parking lot next to Death Angel and Devildriver’s tour buses in beautiful California as I type, so no one’s complaining.

BMM – Is it more challenging to tour in another country or do you face the same challenges?

Azreal – America certainly is a bigger country as far as the amount of cities and venues to play goes. Getting in a bus with 20 plus shows along the way and lots of people to watch at each of those stops isn’t always an option where we come from so that’s a big difference. Having crew who know what they are doing and can keep us alive across the country and find what we need to survive is really essential in another country too.

BMM – Do you think you would survive being in a horror film? What would your weapon of choice be?

Azreal – I like to think I would survive. I’m a massive fan of the survival horror genre in both movies and video games. I basically live my life in a zombie apocalypse fantasy world. My weapon of choice would be shotgun or machete.

BMM – If the world were ending, how would you spend your last few days?

Azreal – Honestly I think I’d spend it at home with my girl, my dog and some beers. I absolutely love being out on the road and chilling with mates but nothing beats a few brews and good company in your own domain.

BMM – Have you ever written a song about someone and then have that person confront you about it?

Azreal – Not a song as such, but I have had someone read a poem that loosely related to them. They were a friend-of-a-friend at the time and they got a little upset about it. I guess the part that burns with songs or poems is you can’t really respond as such. Unless you have some sort of rap battle that is…

BMM – How has the band changed from the first show you ever played together to now?

Azreal – Well the first show only consisted of 2 members of the current line-up so it was very different. It’s always been heavy and in the metal spectrum but originally our music had a more prog style to it, as opposed to our thrashy groove style now. It’s always evolving so who knows what the next phase of the band will incorporate.

BMM – What was the first concert you ever experienced? Are you embarrassed by that fact now?

Azreal – The first show I remember experiencing was a Christian band in Australia called Die Smiling. They were metal and people were stage diving and moshing. I must have been about 12 and in my favorite Sepultura shirt. The fact that Die Smiling was a Christian band could be seen as embarrassing for a very non-religious person such as myself, I guess.

BMM – Outside of basic necessities, is there something you can’t live a day without?

Azreal – Yeah, that’s an easy one – music.

BMM – Tell everyone why they need to come out to one of your shows this spring?

Azreal – First, they need to come out and pick up some of our merchandise so we can survive on the road! Secondly you might really like our music and we happen to be traveling the country with some of the best of the best! If that isn’t reason enough for you then I would say you need to re-evaluate your priorities.

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